October 2, 2008

121 Held in Spanish Child Porn Raids

SPANISH police have arrested 121 people in the country's biggest crackdown on child pornography.

Discs containing millions of video and photo files were shared by a network that distributed them in 75 countries.

Two of the suspects produced pornographic material themselves using members of their own families, police said.

The arrests were made last week and four of those in custody are children, police confirmed.

Brazilian police helped with the operation, which began in July 2007. A further 96 people have been named as suspects in the case, which involved raids on more than 250 homes across Spain.

Some of the videos and photographs that were seized featured extremely disturbing material.

Most of the suspects are Spaniards who used peer-to-peer, or P2P, servers to share at least three download sites.

Spain said it has arrested more than 1,200 people in connection with child pornography on the internet in the last five years.

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