October 2, 2008

High Text-Messaging Fees Immobilizing Your Thumbs? “Free” Them Up With Palringo Rich Messaging Service

As wireless carriers continue to increase fees for text-messaging services and regulators around the world question pricing policies*, there are cheaper and more compelling ways to keep in touch, says Palringo.

Besides being the only messaging service that works across all mobile and PC operating systems, Palringo provides the flexibility of sending a variety of rich-content messages including text, IM, voice and photos. And if you're like most people who are already signed up for a data plan, Palringo will cost you ...well, nothing.

Even during this economic crunch, you can be sure people are not giving up their mobile phones--but they're definitely looking for ways to cut costs. With Palringo, they can drop their text-messaging plans, control their minutes, keep costs in check--and still keep in touch with all their contacts wherever they are.

"Palringo is simply a smarter alternative," argues 23-year-old Martin Rosinski, founder and chief technology officer of Palringo, the first rich-messaging service that brings together the ability to easily exchange text, voice and picture messages with friends, family and colleagues across all popular instant messaging services, whether sitting at a computer or on the move using a mobile phone or PDA. "Palringo's rich messaging on mobile phones offers vocal instant messaging, picture messaging and text-based messaging, making it a better option, and does so at a fraction of the price of texting--making it an even smarter option."

Just by giving up their text-messaging plans users can save $20 or more per month--and they won't even need to pay extra for text, video or picture messaging. Users do need a data plan from their carrier, but by comparison, Palringo rich messaging takes up very small amounts of data, minimizing costs.

For example, one megabyte (1MB) is sufficient for Palringo to send or receive:

-- around 100,000 words by text;

-- up to 15 minutes of vocal instant messages;

-- or about 32 picture messages using a typical cameraphone.

Palringo is free, and is easy to download and install from www.palringo.com. There are no hidden costs, catches or other charges.

* Note to editors: For more background, see letter from Senate Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman Herb Kohl to heads of U.S. wireless carriers, and read about proposal from European Union.

About Palringo

Palringo makes Instant Messaging work on mobile. The service combines walkie-talkie style voice (Vocal Instant Messaging) with the real-time text chat functionality of Instant Messaging and enriches communications further by offering the ability to share pictures within the context of a discussion. The service supports both one-on-one and group discussions, and enables real-time dialogue that can incorporate users from across the globe, on any mobile network or connected PC. The application allows one to easily communicate with contacts on MSN, Google Talk, AOL, Gadu-Gadu, and Yahoo! Messenger and makes it easy for mobile users to send vocal IM and picture messages along with the more common text chat.