October 2, 2008

SourceLabs Announces Top Ten Open Source Software Support Issues for September 2008

SEATTLE, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- SourceLabs, the company innovating support and search technology for open source software, today announced the top ten most prevalent support issues and search data for supporting Linux and Open Source Java for the month of September 2008. The report is compiled from monthly searches performed by users of SourceLabs' Self-Support Suite (http://webui.sourcelabs.com/).

With an over 400% growth in data month over month, SourceLabs' repository search returns results that represent the number of times a particular request for support using a specific open source technology or project was searched on. SourceLabs' 20 million+ object repository provides support answers to issues reported in over 150 open source software projects. In addition to open source software tools for IT administrators and developers, SourceLabs provides professional enterprise-wide software support contracts for Linux and open source Java enterprises, providing them with a vendor-neutral way to support open source technologies.

"Open source software is a marketplace in which anyone can participate and it is that openness that creates one of the biggest challenges to support," said Byron Sebastian, CEO of SourceLabs. "The fundamental way open source is developed and disseminated translates into a very broad distribution of demand, a broad distribution of development talent and, by extension, more potential solutions and approaches to solve problems. Yet this very 'long tail' creates a very broad set of specific problems and multiple solutions that are increasingly difficult to locate. SourceLabs' Self-Support search technology makes this extremely long tail work for users by finding very specific fixes to their very specific issues using advanced algorithms and filtering technologies."

In August, SourceLabs' introduced hardware recognition and the search engine now correlates hardware data to all known bugs and dependences, creating the most accurate and precise service for troubleshooting and researching open source software available. SourceLabs Self-Support Suite is available as standalone software for individuals and for enterprises running open source software as part of a support contract or additionally, SourceLabs' 20 million+ object repository can be combined with an organization's internal data stores that are specific to large enterprise environments.

SourceLabs' search technology represents a significant breakthrough in discovering, navigating, ranking and quickly filtering all known issues, bugs and software updates for the most popular open source Java and Linux software projects (a complete list of covered projects is available here: http://www.sourcelabs.com/?page=supported). Collecting the most up-to-date information available from all relevant sources, SourceLabs' Intelligence Engine automatically indexes, tags, manages, and stores the information in a repository based on the relevance to a users' specific environment and configuration. Using its data gathering tools together with sophisticated pattern matching and natural language processing, SourceLabs' predictive analysis algorithms then match data against the Information Repository to provide immediate answers.

The top ten most prevalent searches for development issues related to open source development software are:

   1.  rhel (redhat enterprise linux) 5.78%   2.  error 4.79%   3.  xen 4.53%   4.  ubuntu 4.44%   5.  failed  3.34%   6.  linux 3.12%   7.  redhat 3.08%   8.  suse 3.03%   9.  samba 2.95%   10. fedora 2.89%   

To learn more about the technology and how it works to support enterprise open source deployments or to try SourceLabs' Self-Support search technology, visit (http://webui.sourcelabs.com/).

About SourceLab's Support Research Labs

The SourceLabs Open Source Software Research Lab specializes in the discovery and analysis of vulnerabilities (i.e., security holes, bugs, maligned features or combination of operations) and software support issues. The research team actively researches new approaches and software, creating and testing new bugs and other software issues on a constant basis and supporting SwiK.net, a catalog of information about thousands of open source projects.

About SourceLabs

SourceLabs is innovating open source software support. The Seattle-based company provides a complete set of software integration, testing, support and maintenance solutions. The company's dependable Open Source Systems vision proposes a new model for the software industry, one that frees software buyers from proprietary lock-in while delivering highly reliable software and support. For more information, please go to http://www.sourcelabs.com/. The company runs the open source Swik project, http://www.swik.net/, that catalogs over 10,000 open source projects for an audience of over 1 million unique visitors per month.

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