October 3, 2008

Company Profile for PhoneEvents.Com, an EventMobile Company

The one-stop PhoneEvents.com and m.PhoneEvents.com sites bring together preferential and location-based EventListings(TM) with the first mobile ticketing service that is easy to use on any Web-enabled phone, including the vast majority of devices in use today that either are equipped with minibrowsers or have limited Internet usage plans. The new service combines the convenience of location and personal choice with the immediacy and ease of purchasing tickets or making reservations directly from any smartphone or Internet-accessible cell phone. The site launched its mobile capabilities by giving away two free tickets worth up to $250 to registered users every 60 days.

Consumers often depend on their cell phones to find local events, but it can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience to purchase tickets using a phone with a stripped-down minibrowser or the restricted Web access imposed by some carriers. With m.PhoneEvents.com, users on any device -- from the simplest Internet-enabled clam phone to the 3G iPhone and other smartphones, from any handset manufacturer with Web service from any carrier -- can quickly and simply order tickets, make reservations or send invitations to a private network of friends. m.PhoneEvents.com works with all popular browsers and does not require any application downloads or special software.

 Company:                PhoneEvents.com, an EventMobile company  Headquarters Address: Oakland Oakland, CA 94611  Main Telephone:       714-974-6356  Website:              www.PhoneEvents.com  Type of Organization: Private PR  Industry:             Mobile Services  Key Executives:       President: Curtis Broome  Public Relations Contact:            Linda Marcus Phone:              714-974-6356 Email:              [email protected]