October 3, 2008

Tetsuya Wakuda Inspires Church Road

By LORKIN, Yvonne Marie

This week proves I'm about as good at social networking as I am at backing a trailer.

Pressured by friends in far flung places to set up one of those pages to keep in touch, I filled in my details, uploaded a semi- flattering photo and foolishly thought that would be the sum total of what would be demanded of me.

But oh no.

The minute I mentioned I worked in the wine business, a plethora of messages began pouring in, wanting me to read their reviews of the latest bottle of skunk trunk sauvignon from a groovy little vineyard in Muskogee, or their theories on why screwcaps are better and corks give you cancer.

Complete strangers wanting me to confirm that I'm their friend and asking me to vote for who's a 'hot mama', or something equally as lame.

Where do people get the time?

So I've given up. No more Facebook, Bebo or Myspace for me.

I'm getting back to old school social networking, where you actually get out of the house and talk to people in public places, to their actual faces.

And what better place to do that than at Church Road Restaurant in Hawke's Bay, on October 23, where dishes constructed by Tetsuya Wakuda, one of the world's most respected chefs, will be prepared and presented by Church Road chef Thorsten Witzel.

Mr Witzel worked alongside Mr Wakuda at a recent charity dinner at Montana's Brancott Winery in Marlborough. Mr Wakuda is head chef and owner of the world famous restaurant Tetsuya's in Sydney, rated fifth best restaurant in the world by the UK-based Restaurant magazine. Known for his flair, boundary-bashing cuisine, and sheer kitchen brilliance, Mr Wakuda is ranked as one of the top chefs alive today. "Working alongside Tetsuya was definitely a career highlight for me," says Mr Witzel.

"I look forward to presenting his dishes to our patrons, together with our exceptional Church Road Cuve Series wines." Diners will be talked through each dish and wine match by Mr Witzel and Church Road chief winemaker Chris Scott.

Church Road has also scored big with the announcement the Church Road Reserve Hawke's Bay Chardonnay 2006 won the Champion Wine of the Show trophy and NZ Champion Chardonnay trophy at the New Zealand International Wine Show, the largest wine competition held in New Zealand. So if you're keen to head to Napier during Labour weekend, this could be one dinner not to miss.

The dinner will begin at 7pm, with the first course served at 7.30pm.

A limited number of tickets are available at $140 per person. It's first in first served, by calling Church Road on 06 833-8232 or by emailing [email protected]


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