October 6, 2008

StrataLight Releases 40 Gbps L-Band DPSK Product Line

StrataLight Communications, Inc. (StrataLight), the market leader in commercial deployment of 40 Gbps optical transmission subsystems, announces an extension of its DPSK product line to support L-Band (1570.42nm to 1607.42nm) wavelengths.

Adding the L-Band capability to StrataLight's DPSK Muxponder, Transponder and Regenerator continues the OTS-4000 design philosophy of simplifying network deployments by allowing for 40 Gbps to plug and play in 10G designed networks, lowering capital expenditures by increasing usable bandwidth and meeting the demand for higher line rate services. StrataLight's L-Band OTS-4011-L multiplexing transponder has been deployed by Xtera Communications to meet the demand for 40 Gbps on an unrepeatered link of a Tier 1 carrier in North America.

"For some service providers, the L-Band is an option that enables significant capacity increases on existing networks. For others, the L-Band is the only choice to overcome fiber impairments. In some subsea applications the L-Band is necessary to simultaneously maximize capacity and transport distance. This technology along with all-Raman amplification provides a cost-effective solution to evolve those networks to 40 Gbps," said Herve Fevrier, COO of Xtera Communications.

The L-Band product line consists of:

     (i)   OTS-4040-L  DPSK - a full standard (OTU3, OC-768/STM-256)           compliant 40 Gbps client and line transponder,     (ii)  OTS-4011-L  DPSK - a standard (OTU3, OC-768/STM-256, OTU2,           OC-192/STM-64, 10GE LAN/WAN) compliant 4x10 Gbps to 40 Gbps           multiplexing transponder (muxponder), and     (iii) OTS-4400-L  DPSK - a uni-directional 40 Gbps regenerator to           further extend the reach of both of the above products. 

For current pricing and availability, please contact a StrataLight account representative.

About StrataLight:

StrataLight Communications is the leader in commercial deployment of ultra high capacity optical transmission subsystems with line rates in excess of 40 Gbps. StrataLight Communications enables service providers to address the growing demand for bandwidth driven by IP converged services using their existing fiber network infrastructure. Our products are sold to service providers by optical networking (OEM) partners. For more information, please visit www.StrataLight.com.

About Xtera Communications:

Xtera Communications provides network solutions enabling communications companies to profitably deliver high-bandwidth tailored services at the lowest sustainable cost per bit. Xtera delivers value by combining sound business practice with compelling advantages in capacity, reach, simplicity and service.

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SOURCE: StrataLight