October 6, 2008

NewsTrust.Net Helps Americans Separate Fact From Fiction

The non-profit social news network NewsTrust just launched new online tools to help American citizens identify quality news coverage -- and tell it apart from political spin or misinformation.

NewsTrust.net visitors are invited to rate the news based on journalistic quality, not just popularity. The new site's quick review form shows people how to evaluate facts, fairness, context and other principles of journalism - and become more discriminating news consumers in the process. Top rated news and opinion are listed separately, and display unique 'trust-o-meter' ratings based on reviews from NewsTrust's 7,400 members, which include experienced journalists, educators, students and regular news consumers.

"NewsTrust brings citizens and journalists together to create a 'smart news filter' that focuses on facts, rather than spin," said Fabrice Florin, the non-profit site's executive director. "With so much misinformation spreading on the Internet, our news literacy tools are more needed than ever, to help people make more informed decisions as citizens."

NewsTrust's Web 2.0 site offers a range of innovative tools to make it easy for visitors to find and share quality journalism. People with limited time can simply bookmark stories and save them for later review, while professionals can track accuracy, depth and originality with advanced review tools. NewsTrust also rates news publications, as well as its own reviewers, based on performance.

To fulfill its mission, NewsTrust regularly organizes 'news hunts' for good journalism on key public issues like energy or the economy, in partnership with leading news and information providers, as well as journalism schools. Partners include media organizations like PBS, Scientific American and the Huffington Post -- as well as universities like Stony Brook, Arizona State and the University of Nevada.

In related news, NewsTrust founder Fabrice Florin was recently elected an Ashoka Fellow for his work as a social entrepreneur in the field of journalism. Ashoka: Innovators for the Public is the world's largest community of social entrepreneurs, and this award will help expand NewsTrust in coming years.

About NewsTrust

Founded in 2005 and based in Mill Valley, California, NewsTrust Communications is a non-profit organization promoting quality information, news literacy and civic engagement. Major funding for NewsTrust is provided by the MacArthur Foundation, with additional support from the Ayrshire Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation and the Tides Foundation, as well as from Google and private donors such as Craig Newmark, Mitch Kapor, Doug Carlston and Hap Perry. More information is available at newstrust.net.

Press Kit:

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