October 6, 2008

HGTV.Com’s Color Crisis Center and Monica Pedersen Cure Homeowners’ Most Vexing Color Calamities

"Is there a way to tastefully paint my living room purple?""Beige couches, beige carpet, white walls - when did my home turn into bland-land?" If color quandaries like these are keeping you up at night, you aren't alone. That's why the experts at HGTV.com created the Color Crisis Center, an online exclusive video series hosted by popular HGTV designer Monica Pedersen (Designed to Sell). Check in and get help at: http://www.hgtv.com/colorcenter.

In each of the series' web videos, Pedersen comes to the rescue of homeowners facing dire color dilemmas with tips and practical solutions -- no matter the painting predicament. Users get to see Pedersen's recommendations come to life as the rooms in photos submitted by homeowners are treated with the new colors.

HGTV.com's Color Crisis Center not only provides personal advice, the site also offers photo examples of color-done-right and expert tips on hues for every room in the house:

-- Utilize warm tones like red and orange to ramp up the energy in any space.

-- To make a room look larger, go for cool shades like purples, greens and blues.

-- Trade in that bucket of beige paint. The new neutral is GRAY!

-- Finally, pick a color you love and then find the shade that works best. If your heart beats for red but you're not quite bold enough for fire-engine, click through photos to see rooms that feature various shades. Love purple? According to Pedersen, a combo of light lavender walls, blond wood furniture and bright white accents is so very NOW.

No matter the dilemma, HGTV.com's Color Crisis Center and Monica Pedersen have the know-how to end the hue blues. For more advice and inspiration, check out www.hgtv.com/colorcenter.

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