October 6, 2008

American Bar-Goers Favor Obama for the White House Though McCain Makes Progress Following V.P. Debate

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecast's interactive game-poll, White House Wallop, indicates that Democrat Barack Obama currently enjoys a narrowing lead over Republican John McCain thus far in the 2008 race for the presidency.

Cumulative results reflecting almost three months of game play on the Ecast network reveal a four percent lead for Senator Obama (52 percent) over Senator McCain (48 percent). The lead reflects a three percent narrowing of the gap between the two candidates compared to total percentages prior to the Oct. 2 vice presidential debate. White House Wallop is being played across the Ecast network including all 50 states, three territories (Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico) and the District of Columbia.

Similar in concept to the popular arcade game Whack-A-Mole, White House Wallop gives users a virtual mallet activated via the Ecast touchscreen. Users select their choice for president then touch the screen to "wallop" the opposing candidate when his head pops up. Points are awarded for walloping the correct candidate.

The interactive game-poll uses Ecast's broadband touchscreen media network, located in more than 10,000 bars and nightclubs nationwide, to measure candidate preference on a weekly basis. By choosing to whack Senators Obama or McCain, users are effectively providing an early look at whom they want to send to Washington. Since White House Wallop went live on the network in July, thousands of would-be voters have eagerly accepted the chance to take a whack in favor of their favorite candidate. White House Wallop will run through to the November election.

High scorers are invited to the Wallop Bonus Round and have the opportunity to take a whack at President George W. Bush. Because the Ecast network is connected nationwide over broadband, players around the country are able to see real-time percentages of where their candidate stands with their fellow American bar goers.

"Ecast offers a unique entertainment vehicle to channel political satire in order to connect with young consumers," said John Taylor, president and CEO, Ecast. "White House Wallop is a great example of our network's reporting capabilities. Whether a brand marketer wants data on views, click-thru rates and conversions or a record label wants insight into the make-up of their audience, we can harness the power of our network to provide results and meaningful metrics."

Ecast uses Internet methodology to reach out-of-home audiences, which makes it possible to deliver the same caliber of video, viral, mobile and social campaigns with their broadband-enabled network. Additionally, Ecast offers full, measurable interactivity and with real-time results.

To get players in the mood for walloping, Ecast also developed a custom "Election" playlist, which includes songs like Green Day's "American Idiot," Jimi Hendrix's "Star Spangled Banner" and Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA."

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