October 7, 2008

CyberDefender Earns TRUSTe Trusted Download Program Certification

CyberDefender (OTCBB: CYDE) today announced that its software application, MyIdentityDefender(TM) Security Toolbar 2.0, has passed the certification process for TRUSTe's Trusted Download Program. This application, at the version level, has been certified by TRUSTe to clearly communicate key functionalities, to obtain informed consumer consent prior to download, and provide an easy uninstall with clear instructions, among other requirements.

As an innovative internet security developer, CyberDefender employs its disruptive secure peer-to-peer network, the Collaborative Internet Security Network (or the earlyNETWORK(TM)) to detect and update all its users within hours of a new virus, spyware, or phishing attack being detected; this means the malware antidotes are delivered faster than the actual malware can spread. The California-based company is on a mission to bring advanced solutions to the internet security market, combating and preventing online information theft, unwanted advertisements, spam, Internet viruses, spyware and other similar security threats.

The Trusted Download whitelist can be found here: http://www.truste.org/tdp/whitelist.

"MyIdentityDefender 2.0 has passed the challenging certification process for the Trusted Download whitelist, demonstrating a commitment to protecting consumer privacy," said Fran Maier, executive director and president of TRUSTe. "By completely informing users about the particulars of the download solutions up front, the participating companies are increasing transparency and giving control back to users."

"TRUSTe's requirements for certifying tracking software against threats of personal confidentiality are extremely strenuous," said Gary Guseinov, CEO of CyberDefender. "As a leader in online privacy best practices, TRUSTe certification will allow us to provide the most thorough Internet security and spyware protection available."

The program sponsors, representing leading content and search providers, anti-spyware vendors and online advertisers, offer market incentives to downloadable software publishers to become certified. AOL, CA, CNET Networks, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo! all use the whitelist as a tool to help make business decisions related to advertising, partnering and distributing software products. By providing a whitelist of trusted applications, the TRUSTe program aims to provide attractive market incentives to software publishers meeting the requirements and earning certification.

During the certification process, TRUSTe reviews notice and consent experience for consumers, and tests the operation and behavior of the software with testing partner AppLabs Technologies. A premier provider of testing, QA and certification of software and hardware platforms, AppLabs has worked with TRUSTe to develop a rigorous set of testing protocols to assess a broad range of application behavior. With the launch of the whitelist, TRUSTe will be conducting ongoing monitoring of the applications as they are encountered by users.

About the Trusted Download Program

Trusted Download is a certification program for downloadable software, which demonstrates informed consumer choice, doesn't exhibit surreptitious activities, and is distributed in a responsible manner. A seal at the point of download reassures consumers and a whitelist elevates certified software for advertisers and distributors. The complete set of program requirements, and additional information on the certification criteria, program elements, FAQs and sponsor roles, is available on the Trusted Download website at www.trusteddownload.com.

About CyberDefender Corporation

CyberDefender Corporation (OTCBB: CYDE) believes that its Internet security technology offers the earliest possible detection and most aggressive defense against Internet security attacks. CyberDefender believes that it is the only Internet security software company to combat spyware, viruses, and identity theft using a secure peer-to-peer distributed network (the earlyNETWORK(TM)), enabling protection that is unparalleled in speed and flexibility. Products employing the earlyNETWORK(TM) include CyberDefender's MyIdentityDefender(TM) Toolbar, CyberDefenderFREE(TM) 2.0, and CyberDefender Early Detection Center(TM) 2.0. All of these products are fully compatible with Microsoft's Vista Operating system and available at www.cyberdefender.com.

About TRUSTe

TRUSTe helps millions of consumers identify trustworthy online organizations through its Web Privacy Seal, Email Privacy Seal and Trusted Download Programs. TRUSTe ensures online privacy and protects confidential user information on more than 2,400 Web sites and many of the most highly trafficked, including Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Disney, eBay, Intuit, Pepsi and Apple. Independent research shows that when a TRUSTe web seal is present, visitors and customers are more likely to share personal information, register at higher rates and spend more money. To learn more about internet privacy visit www.truste.com.

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SOURCE: CyberDefender Corp.