October 7, 2008

CyberPatrol Recognizes National Cyber Security Awareness Month With New Online Safety Video Series

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, CyberPatrol LLC today announced its Online Safety Video Series. The series of brief family-oriented lessons, available at http://www.cyberpatrol.com/safetyseries.asp provides parents, educators and others with easy to understand and useful advice on how to protect children from predators, cyber bullies, inappropriate material, and other online threats.

The series features internationally known Internet safety and technology expert, lecturer, and author Linda Criddle. Criddle is President of LOOKBOTHWAYS, Inc., a company which consults with state and national governments, law enforcement agencies and other organizations on issues of online safety. In addition to consulting, Criddle operates an Internet safety web site (www.look-both-ways.com) and is the author of Look Both Ways: Help Protect Your Family on the Internet, an award-winning book about how families can stay safer online.

Online Safety Videos released during the month of October include:

-- Discussing Internet Safety Guidelines in a Positive and Collaborative Way

-- Exposing Private Information-Things You Can Do To Be Safer

-- Careful Where you Click-Family Safety Online

-- Protecting Kids on Social Networks

CyberPatrol produces CyberPatrol Parental Controls 7.7 and other Web filtering software. All its products are powered by CyberPatrol's SiteCAT technology. SiteCAT continuously crawls the Internet and scans both new and existing domains. By continuously scanning the Internet, new domains are detected, classified and immediately added to a database that is used to power CyberPatrol's products, including Parental Controls 7.7, SiteSURV, and SiteSURVplus. This proprietary database contains information on 22 million domains that represent over 200 million Web pages. The entire Internet is crawled every 45-60 days.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual effort to increase awareness and prevention of online security problem, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. Thousands of businesses, community groups and educators participate in the annual effort to raise awareness of online threats and how to protect against them.

"CyberPatrol believes National Cyber Security Awareness Month is especially effective to the degree it provides parents and others with the tools to actively participate in the effort to protect children and others from predators, cyber bullying, inappropriate sites, and other risks," said John Sancin, president and COO of CyberPatrol. "The new Online Safety Video Series is one such powerful tool. Working in combination, technology, education and the right public policy can make the online experience safer for everyone."

About CyberPatrol, LLC

CyberPatrol is a leading provider of Web and content filtering software and services. Originally launched in 1995, CyberPatrol Parental Controls software is specifically developed as an easy to use way to help protect families and businesses from undesirable or threatening online activity. Under the direction of a seasoned executive management team, CyberPatrol acquired Emerald Technology, Inc. in June 2008, enabling them to offer business-grade filtering solutions.

CyberPatrol is recommended regularly as the product of choice for online safety by many parent and computer magazines. Its award-winning software is based on its proprietary SiteCAT Internet Categorization Engine which delivers automatic updates to end users every hour providing immediate access to the most current list of both good and bad sites. CyberPatrol Website Lookup Service proactively protects people online and is a part of the three pillars of online safety--effective technology, education and public policy.

CyberPatrol products are relied upon and trusted by parents, schools, libraries and businesses around the world to monitor and manage their users' Internet access, while providing them with the freedom and safety to explore. For additional information: www.cyberpatrol.com.