October 7, 2008

NH Hoteles Selects Red Hat and JBoss Solutions for Web Portal

NH Hoteles, a European business hotel chain, has launched its business-critical web platform based on a combination of Red Hat and JBoss solutions.

The NH Hoteles platform was developed using JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Operations Network.

According to Red Hat, the NH Hoteles web platform, including its corporate website, a hotel search engine and its online booking system, is a fundamental element of the company's business that is critical to enabling online sales.

In 2006, its portal received approximately 17 million visitors, and in 2007, the number of site visitors increased to over 22 million. When the web platform began experiencing problems related to stability and performance, the company began to explore possible solutions that could help ease its challenges. The series of criteria necessary for a new platform solution included heightened performance, scalability, standardization, support, monitoring and procedures.

After assessing various options, including other proprietary application servers, NH Hoteles selected the solution proposed by Oxxigeno Networks, a Red Hat advanced business partner, based on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With Oxxigeno Networks's help, NH Hoteles completed its web-portal migration project spanning the operating system, application server, web servers, applications and the subsequent platform operation management, said Red Hat.

Red Hat claims that due to the management capacity of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform through JBoss Operations Network, NH Hoteles has also experienced control of its current architecture. The solution has provided ease-of-use and scalability, and has led the company to consider the suitability of implementing additional Red Hat solutions throughout the rest of its information systems, added Red Hat.