October 7, 2008

20 Free Downloads in Every Bag of HevyD’s Kettle Korn

A video is included with this press release.

Over 100 music artists from across Canada have come together for the launch of HevyDmusic.com. 300 songs will be made available this year for free download to music lovers and consumers across Canada.

Downloads will be accessed with codes found in each bag of HevyD's Kettle Korn. HevyD's Kettle Korn has achieved national distribution at grocery stores, corner stores, school vending machines, gas station convenience stores and retailers in all areas of the country.

The launch of HevyDmusic.com marks a shift in the Canadian music industry: generous free downloads combined with the opportunity for consumers to buy more music. www.HevyDMusic.com gives artists high profile space to promote themselves and consumers the chance to legally and safely download top songs.

Artists including White Apple Tree, John Lee Saunders, Art of Dying and Ron Irving many more have donated free downloads to the site. Recordings from The Champ, Bro Jake are a part of the site. HevyDmusic.com is actively recruiting recording artists from across North America. Genres including metal, electronica, pop, dance, country and inspirational are all part of the cutting edge mix.

HevyDmusic.com is intimately connected with HevyD's Kettle Korn. Each bag of HevyD's Kettle Korn includes a code for 20 free downloads, a minimum of 15 codes per year will be distributed. Artists have the flexibility to add new songs for download, the site is designed to grow and host up to 300 artists.

HevyD's Kettle Korn is hand mixed in Vernon, British Columbia. The insistence on the manufacturing technique creates a unique salty sweet mix. HevyD's Kettle Korn is unique in the snack food industry, the nutritional values meet the stringent guidelines set out by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. HevyD's Kettle Korn has achieved a 'Choose Sometimes' designation, and is approved to be sold in British Columbia schools and publicly owned buildings.

President, Barry Stecyk, founded both companies. "We are doing this for the love of music. The website is non profit for us, but its popularity will help guarantee people will notice and buy HevyD's Kettle Korn."

 Contacts: hevydmusic.com Bobbi Menard (250) 451-6721 Email: [email protected]  hevydmusic.com Barry Stecyk (250) 549-0600 Email: [email protected] Website: www.hevydmusic.com

SOURCE: hevydmusic.com