October 7, 2008

Panther Express Scores Industry First in HD Delivery

NEW YORK, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Global CDN Panther Express (http://www.pantherexpress.net/) today unveiled a revolutionary high definition delivery and seek capability that greatly enhances the ability to serve large videos with no limitation on file size. The new technology is able to support full DVR-like controls and functionality to the H.264 video format over HTTP - an industry first.

Panther's service addresses three key issues for customers that deliver HD media. First, it accelerates delivery of heavy multimedia and video files. In addition, it minimizes wasteful excess CDN usage and reduces bandwidth demand. And finally, it prevents proprietary content theft and site misappropriation.

"Panther is no stranger to technological breakthroughs and this latest capability is a further example," noted Panther CEO, Steve Liddell. "We continue to be leaders in HD video delivery and remain committed to pioneering changes that resolve the concerns of the industry."

With these additions, Panther's implementation of H.264 on its network now include all the features customers expect from true streaming with the benefits of the industry-leading video format on a highly scalable HTTP delivery platform. Panther's network supports for H.264 include:

   --  Fast start - Use a high bit-rate initial burst to quickly get the user       experience started   --  Bandwidth throttling - Once playing, limit the data flow to the       bandwidth of the clip   --  Seeking - DVR-like access allows players to jump to anywhere in the       clip   --  Access restriction - Full customer control to implement access       restrictions   --  Detailed logging/reporting - As granular and comprehensive as full per       hit logging so reports can be created multiple ways   

Implementing these features over the robust Panther HTTP delivery platform is a significant advantage as it allows the CDN to bring the full weight of its network to bear on streaming projects rather than using a smaller dedicated streaming edge.

   A demo will be available on the Panther Web site shortly.    About Panther Express   

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