October 7, 2008

Two Social-Networking Giants Fending Off Rivals


Music brought people to MySpace, but is it enough to keep them there?

Numbers for unique visitors to MySpace dropped in May as Facebook's rose, according to comScore statistics from May.

Facebook boasts more than 120 million unique, worldwide visitors, and MySpace trails behind at approximately 115 million.

Social networking analyst David Card of Jupiter Research in New York said users shouldn't count MySpace out just yet.

"MySpace and Facebook are both here to stay. I don't see anyone eating into them. Their users are there and loyal enough," Card said.

"MySpace has music, Facebook has better technology, widgets and applications," he said.

As for the competition, user numbers of sites such as Bebo, Twitter, Hi5 and Friendster pose little threat.

Bebo has approximately 25 million users, Hi5, nearly 50 million and Friendster, approximately 40 million.

"There is only so much time in the day," said Card about multiple site memberships.

"Of the people who use Facebook, 70 percent also use MySpace," Card said of user overlap.

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