October 8, 2008

A Solution to Click Fraud?

NEW YORK, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- OBSNews.com -- Search engines have come to dominate how many of us use the internet, and Google and other search engines have generated billions of dollars in pay per click advertising revenues as a result. One phenomenon that has plagued the industry from its early days has many businesses worried about their bottom lines: click fraud.

Many businesses that choose to use a paid search strategy in their marketing efforts, also known as a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, on the major and niche search engines, are continuously looking for ways to prevent malicious clicks from competitors or other web-malcontents on their ads to protect their internet ad budgets, company profits, and, ultimately, shareholder value.

Search Engine eZanga.com Steps Up

One search engine, a 'meta' search engine, or one that aggregates the results of other search engines, eZanga (http://www.ezanga.com/), has introduced proprietary technologies on their internal network that detect and protect against click fraud efforts in real time. Their solution is known as Traffic Advisors(TM) 4.0.

The company, headed by search engine marketing expert and CEO Richard Kahn, also provides web marketing consulting services that include click fraud detection and prevention tools for businesses interested in all aspects of search engine marketing (SEM) including the deployment of coordinated marketing campaigns on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

New Ways to Fight Click Fraud

"We're spending a lot of money on resources to ensure that the click fraud that comes into our network is being eliminated before it hits our customers," said Kahn. He also pointed to his company's close relationship with Click Forensics, (http://www.clickforensics.com/), an industry leader in scoring, auditing, and improving traffic quality for the online advertising community.

Kahn added, "Click Forensics is setting the industry standard, as demonstrated by Yahoo's adoption of their proprietary technologies."

Steve O'Brien, VP of Marketing for Click Forensics, said, "eZanga is a case study in effective traffic quality management."

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