October 9, 2008

Life Loggers Share 100,000 Photos Monthly Using Big Canvas’ PhotoShare

SEATTLE, Oct. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Big Canvas Inc., a Seattle-based technology firm, announced today that its visual life-logging application, PhotoShare, has reached a landmark with users sharing 200,000 photos in just two months since its launch. Currently, PhotoShare users are adding more than 3,000 photos and 6,000 comments daily. Known as "life-logging", users are encouraged to connect visually around life's simple moments allowing others to share in a private or public setting. PhotoShare is a free application for iPhone available through Apple's AppStore.

Brendon Kenney an airline pilot and PhotoShare user commented, "It was great to be able to share my first flight on the 737 with my friends and family. With PhotoShare they felt like they were flying with me."

PhotoShare's popularity is growing worldwide as the technology and visual connection becomes a favorite. As of September 29, PhotoShare was Japan's 49th most downloaded application in Apple's AppStore. Within their private and public settings, users share everything from baby photos, pet pictures, pictures from a commute to work or a simple shot of lunch on a daily basis.

PhotoShare, developed by Seattle-based startup Big Canvas, is stretching social networking to a new dynamic visual medium. PhotoShare allows users to stay connected and in touch with public or private networks.

The community is very dynamic and self-policing with photos being voted out if they are not true life-logs and representative of a personal experience (faces of politicians or celebrities for example).

For more information or to download PhotoShare visit http://www.bcphotoshare.com/.

About Big Canvas

Founded in 2008 by well known technology innovator Satoshi Nakajima, Big Canvas is a start-up software and web service company. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Big Canvas will offer a series of web-based "creativity tools" that allow anyone with creative spirits to participate in the Internet Renaissance. Big Canvas' first product is PhotoShare, an iPhone application that allows users to stay connected and in touch with their private or public networks through visual social networking.

Big Canvas Inc.

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Web site: http://www.bcphotoshare.com/