October 9, 2008

PilotFish Technology XCS eiPlatform Now Listed in the IBM SOA Business Catalogue

PilotFish Technology today announced that their XCS eiPlatform has met the criteria and is now listed in the IBM SOA Business Catalogue - www.ibm.com/soa/soabusinesscatalog.

The XCS eiPlatform, deployed to the WebSphere Application Server as a Web application, supports the real time receipt, transformation, routing, and delivery of information from any source system or service to any target system or service. It connects to IBM SOA Foundation products and complements them by providing additional industry-specific features and capabilities not present in horizontal offerings.

The XCS eiConsole is an easy-to-use graphical Integrated Development Environment that works in concert with the XCS eiPlatform to enable the configuration of all of the components that comprise either a single service or an entire Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It includes a powerful graphical Data Mapper that provides "point, click, drag, and drop" support for the creation of XSLT transformations to transform data from any format to any other format. A video demonstration of this breakthrough product can be seen at http://pilotfishtechnology.com/flash/html/ player.html?file=both-all.flv (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

Together, the XCS eiPlatform and eiConsole can dramatically reduce the time, effort, risk, and cost of deploying a Service Oriented Architecture.

The IBM SOA Business Catalogue is an online directory of reusable SOA content developed by IBM and IBM Business Partners. Products listed in the catalogue have been tested to ensure they will perform with IBM SOA Foundation products. The IBM SOA Business Catalogue allows customers to discover code-type SOA assets and contact Business Partners directly regarding licensing and acquisition. IBM clients, Business Partners and IBM sales and service representatives use the SOA catalogue for proven SOA solutions and services that can be deployed with confidence.

About PilotFish Technology

Based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology provides comprehensive software and services to enable the integration of disparate systems using XML standards. To learn more about PilotFish Technology, please visit the website at www.pilotfishtechnology.com or call 860-632-9900.