October 10, 2008

So Blonde

FORMAT: PC PRICE: pounds 29.99 It's a classic genre that appeared to have been long-forgotten in favour of all-encompassing 3D, HD, next-gen engrossing action adventures. But now, the famous point- and-click Monkey Island way of doing things is back, as you take charge of Sunny Blonde - shipwrecked on to a totally unknown island, with no idea how she can ever leave. Oh yes, she's also gone back 100 years in time, ending up in a golden era of pirates and buccaneers! A host of madcap mini-games along with gorgeous cartoon graphics bring a brilliant friendly feel to So Blonde, further enhanced by simple, almost effortless controls with the mouse. This will be a welcome surprise for all PC gamers, offering a great genre to revitalise on all systems. *****

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