October 11, 2008

YouTube Will Begin Offering TV Series

A YouTube executive says the Internet site is going to branch out from simple video clips to streaming full-length U.S. TV series with commercials.

Jordan Hoffner, YouTube's director of content partnerships, said the Web site will expand from its traditional short-video format, which will remain primarily ad-free, and offer a number of old TV series owned by CBS, The Hollywood Reporter said Friday.

Hoffner said the expansion of YouTube offerings came about, in part, because of the success of Web sites such as ABC.com that offer streaming TV series free online.

"This is about giving the community what they want," Hoffner said. "Plus, we're not blind to the growth of long form on other sites."

The content executive wouldn't confirm the Google-owned company had embraced the streaming concept based on potential financial windfall of its future advertisement-laden offerings.

"This is just the right strategy for us," he said. "There is money in a lot of places. We're making good on our pledge to give advertisers choice."

Among the series that YouTube will offer to visitors will be "Star Trek" and "Beverly Hills 90210."