October 13, 2008

SSH Introduces Enterprise Security Solution for Linux on IBM System Z

SSH Communications Security, a provider of enterprise and communication security solutions, has introduced SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z.

According to the company, the new version of SSH Tectia provides a security model that extends from distributed platforms, to mainframes running the Linux operating system on the IBM System z platform, and also to virtualized environments.

The company has said that the SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z delivers unparalleled enterprise-class security to the growing number of global data centers running Linux on IBM mainframe systems. It leverages the flexibility, manageability and security features of the System z architecture and SSH Tectia's advanced security capabilities, including the SSHG3 architecture to secure encrypted communication channels between the IBM mainframe and distributed platforms.

As a result, SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z delivers robust data encryption, secure file transfers, secure application connectivity, and secure system administration, all in a single solution. SSH Tectia Server for Linux in IBM System z also utilizes the hardware crypto accelerator on the IBM mainframe, creating less overhead and optimal performance.

The company claims that SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z adds better security capabilities, including secure host database connections, secure remote logins and secure file transfers throughout internal and external networks.

In addition to providing support for IBM System z, the SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS solution also supports IBM z/OS as well as all key enterprise computing platforms, including Windows and UNIX, enabling seamless, end-to-end security for file transfers and data-in-transit throughout today's heterogeneous computing environments.

George Adams, CEO of SSH Communications Security, said: "As an open source platform, Linux on System z poses unique security challenges for enterprise IT managers as it is increasingly being used as an OS for virtualized IT environments. SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z is a fully supported end-to-end communications security solution when running Linux on IBM System z mainframes, as well as throughout today's complex multi-platform environments. These days, enterprises cannot afford to gamble on IT security. With SSH Tectia, they can rest assured that critical corporate, customer and consumer data is protected at all times."