October 14, 2008

Special Wi-Fi City in China Report Reveals That Users Are Reluctant to Become Subscribers

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/67a617/wifi_city_in_chin) has announced the addition of the "Wi-Fi City in China: Users Reluctant to Become Subscribers" report to their offering.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) City refers to a service promoted to customers for city-wide Wi-Fi connectivity. The biggest difference between Wi-Fi City and a Wi-Fi hotspot is that Wi-Fi City is intended to provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity city-wide, rather than in limited areas.

In order to best meet the increasing demand for Wi-Fi, the process to develop Wi-Fi City is being accelerated in many cities throughout China. Currently, this service is free of charge, but discussions regarding payment for services were planned after the Olympics.

However, the primary challenge of implementing Wi-Fi City still stems from the lack of a proper business model. There are four possible business models: 1) Charge for all the services; 2) Sell ads to pay for services; 3) Charge for broadband services; make narrowband free; 4) A combination of the models above. In-Stat surveyed Wi-Fi hotspot users and potential Wi-Fi City users regarding their interest in the city-wide service and in the business models outlined above. The results of the survey are presented in this report along with our analysis of the challenges that must be met to make Wi-Fi City a successful enterprise.

 Key Topics Covered: - Executive Summary - Definitions - Introduction - Survey Demographics - Current Wi-Fi Users vs. Potential Wi-Fi Users - Age - Age and Wi-Fi Use - Monthly Income - Monthly Spending (Fixed Telephone/Broadband) - Monthly Spending (Mobile Service) - Monthly Spending (VAS) - Attitudes to New Technology - Survey Results - Current Users - Wi-Fi End Devices - Wi-Fi Access Locations - Level of Use - Reasons for Use - Free or Paid? - Satisfaction With Free Wi-Fi - Satisfaction With Paid Wi-Fi - Interest in Wi-Fi City - Willingness to Pay - Preferred Payment Amount - Interest in Watching Ads - Key Criteria - Plans to Use Wi-Fi City - Interest in Wi-Fi Phones - Amount Current Users are Willing to Pay - Potential Users - Reasons for Non-Use - Interest in Wi-Fi City - Reasons for Lack of Interest - Plans to Use - Terminal Use - Interest in Wi-Fi Phones - Willingness to Pay for a Wi-Fi Phone - Paying for Wi-Fi City - Amount Potential Users are Willing to Pay for Wi-Fi City - Interest in Watching Ads - Methodology - Glossary 

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/67a617/wifi_city_in_chin