October 14, 2008

Software Exchange

By Anonymous

IMAGE RENDERING Capability: The NVIDIA Gelato Pro 2.2 rendering application is used to create three-dimensional computer-generated images. Computers must contain an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card to use the application. Features include subpixel antialiasing, true displacement, motionblur, depth-of-field, support for NURBS, subdivision surfaces, particles, and ray tracing. The programmable Frantic Films' Amaretto plug-in provides advanced rendering with Autodesk's 3ds Max software, which complements the Mango plug-in for rendering with Autodesk's Maya software.

Hardware: PC containing the NVIDIA Quadro graphics card.

Developer: NVIDIA, 2701 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95050; (408) 486-2000; fax (408) 486-2200; www.nvidia.com.

Cost: Free to download.

www.me.hotims.com/18877-70 or circle 70


Capability: The software application e-Simpoe provides basic plastic filling simulations, which gives engineers access to manufacturing constraints early in the design stage of plastic parts. Results simulated include filling, packing, cooling, and warpage. The application also can be used as a viewer to consult simulation results performed with any of the developer's commercial Simpoe packages.

Hardware: PC running Windows XP or NT.

Developer: Simpoe Mold, 1 Allee Emile Cohl, 77200 Torcy, France; (33-1) 60-33-2990; fax (33-1) 60-33-2999; www.simpoe.com.

Cost: Free.

www.me.hotims.com/18877-71 or circle 71


Capability: SU Animate 2 for SketchUp automatically creates SketchUp animation from camera path scenes. SketchUp is a 3-D design and modeling program. With SU Animate, objects can be animated in sequence, allowing for complex assembly animations. In addition, the same group can be animated along more than one path, allowing for one object moving up and down or rotating.

Hardware: PC running Windows and Macintosh and SketchUp 6.

Developer: Cadalog Inc., 1448 King St., Bellingham, WA 98229; (360) 647-2426; fax (360) 647-2890; www.cadalog-inc.com.

Cost: $49.

www.me.hotims.com/18877-72 or circle 72


Capability: A new version of the sheet metal part development software EasyBlank includes the capability to import various CAD files, and so avoids the need to convert CAD data into standard formats. The software now allows for import of IGES and VDA files as well as files generated by Catia versions 4 and 5, Pro/Engineer, I- deas, SolidWorks, and Unigraphics NX. EasyBlank software calculates blank shapes from 3-D CAD files of sheet metal stamped parts. The calculated blank shape and a report in Excel of all outputs can be purchased, at $49.90 each, from the developer. Reports contain detailed information on material consumption, thinning distribution of the part, blank outline, and optimal nesting layout. The report provides an early cost analysis and can reduce material use.

Hardware: PC running Windows 2000, NT, or XP.

Developer: AutoForm Engineering USA Inc., 560 Kirts Blvd., Suite 113, Troy, MI 48084-4141; (888) 428-8636; fax (888) 528-8636. www.autoform.com.

Cost: Software is free; report is $49.90 per part.

www.me.hotims.com/18877-73 or circle 73


Capability: With Concerto version 7 for high-frequency electromagnetic design, engineers can create component or system models using an integrated geometric modeler or through CAD import. The upgrade introduces numerous improvements to accelerate the speed of simulation and optimization. Upgrades to the package include 64- bit processing support, better distributed processing of simulations than past versions, improved support for exploiting periodicity in designs, and an optimization tool that applies multiple algorithms to resolve complex problems.

Hardware: PC running Windows XP or NT.

Developer: Vector Fields Inc., 1700 N. Farnsworth Ave., Aurora, IL 60505; (630) 851-1734; fax (630) 851-2106; www.vectorfields.com.

Cost: $4,750, to start.

www.me.hotims.com/18877-74 or circle 74

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