October 14, 2008

Shopit Joins Ning Through OpenSocial

Shopit today announced that it is launching the Shopit Store application on the Ning Platform, the latest social networking service to support the OpenSocial interface v0.7. Shopit is the leader in peer to peer social commerce network on the web. The Shopit platform easily enables fully functional and synchronized commerce within Social Communities. Users can build stores within profiles with the click of a button and sell to friends, people in their social community, and even people in other networks. Shopit currently hosts more than 500,000 stores and is growing rapidly. The service is free to users. Ning is unique among social networks supporting OpenSocial insofar as it enables anyone to create their own social network for anything. With the launch of OpenSocial support, members of the over 500,000 social networks on Ning will now be able to add OpenSocial applications directly to their profiles with a single click from the OpenSocial application directory available on every social network on Ning. Shopit plans to allow controlled commerce functionality, so that Ning social network users can buy and sell across multiple networks in Ning and OpenSocial or simply within their own communities.

"We're thrilled to provide application developers the opportunity to build and share their OpenSocial applications across the hundreds of thousands of social networks on Ning," said Gina Bianchini, CEO and co-founder, Ning. "OpenSocial continues to expand the features available to Network Creators and members of the social networks on Ning. Members now have more ways than ever to enhance their profiles through the unique functionality available through the OpenSocial applications on Ning."

OpenSocial is a community initiative that provides a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for building social applications. Ning currently supports OpenSocial v0.7 across all of its 500,000 social networks. Ning's OpenSocial implementation took advantage of OpenSocial's easy extensibility to be the first implementer of skins, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate the look and feel of social apps within Ning's social networks.

"OpenSocial's common infrastructure empowers sellers on the Shopit Platform to access more than 350 million worldwide customers within the open source community," said Matt Hill, CEO of Shopit. "Our technology, combined with OpenSocial, brings buyers and sellers together to transact in an intelligent and secure way. Bringing global commerce to social communities is what we do and Ning provides the perfect venue for buyers and sellers in highly targeted niche communities."

"We're delighted that Ning is making it simple for all of its networks to add OpenSocial applications," said David Glazer, director of engineering at Google, and a director of the OpenSocial Foundation (www.opensocial.org). "OpenSocial makes it easier for developers to build and distribute social applications to social sites all over the web, and Ning makes it easy for anyone to create and customize his or her own social network. By bringing these technologies together, Ning's launch is another important step towards helping the entire web become more social."

About Shopit

Shopit is the leader in free social commerce, allowing users to buy and sell products and services within social networks for free. The platform enables efficient sharing and publishing of products and information anywhere online. Products and services can be directly linked from Shopit to any site, including popular destination properties like MySpace, Facebook, AIM, Bebo, Friendster, Blogger, Hi5, Ning and many more. Shopit's free commerce platform also supports the functionality to synch with traditional ecommerce sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and Yahoo Stores.

For more information, go to http://www.shopit.com.

About Ning:

Ning is an online platform that enables you to create your own social networks for anything. With over 500,000 social networks and registered members in over 220 countries, Ning makes it possible for anyone to create their own social network for free in seconds. Ning is privately held and based in Palo Alto, CA. To give it a try, please visit http://www.ning.com.