October 14, 2008

Sendio Launches Comprehensive and Effective E-Mail Security Solution for Enterprise Market

Sendio, Inc., an innovative e-mail security company with solutions that incorporate a human element to totally eliminate spam and e-mail threats in the enterprise environment, today announced its E-mail Security Platform (ESP), a robust and scalable appliance solution which entirely eliminates spam, thwarts viruses and enables dramatic time savings for users and IT administrators. ESP employs a verification model similar to the one embraced by millions of social networking users, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and the "buddy" list model used by leading instant messaging providers such as Skype, Yahoo!, Google and AOL.

ESP combines Silverlisting, a proprietary technology which includes a set of low-level SMTP tests to determine the legitimacy of the sending e-mail server, and Sender Address Verification (SAV), which verifies the authenticity of first-time, unsolicited senders, and introduces a human element into the process. ESP far surpasses the capabilities of current spam filter offerings and finally secures the enterprise inbox through the complete elimination of spam.

"It's obvious that spam filters don't work: large quantities of spam messages frequently make it into enterprise inboxes, despite the repeated fine-tuning of spam filters, and even more serious, legitimate messages are being tagged as spam and lost or delayed by filters," said Kevin Bowyer, chief executive officer of Sendio, Inc. "Unlike spam filters, Sendio's ESP ensures that spam is blocked and real messages are never routed to the junk folder. It incorporates a similar user acceptance model utilized worldwide by users of Facebook, MySpace, leading IM vendors and even Caller ID."

Sendio's ESP incorporates a combination of technologies and features to enable the complete elimination of spam with minimal administrative maintenance, achieving significant time and resource savings for enterprises. Silverlisting, in combination with other features, ensures message validation while verifying the delivery of all legitimate e-mail. Silverlisting is the first line of defense, preventing a significant volume of unwanted e-mail from reaching the recipient server - up to 95 percent - freeing up network bandwidth, and system and personnel resources.

"Spam has become an epidemic problem in today's enterprise market, causing blatant business inefficiency and strain on the network," said Michael Osterman, founder and principal of Osterman Research. "With no signs of slowing, it's apparent that spam filters are not the cure-all solution to the problem. Sendio's ESP, an alternative approach to preventing spam from reaching the enterprise inbox, is certainly innovative and could be a huge time-saver for IT and network administrators in the long-run."

In conjunction with Silverlisting, ESP also utilizes Sender Address Verification (SAV) to incorporate a human element into the process. Sender authentication is not a new concept in the communications world, yet Sendio's application of SAV to e-mail is a paradigm shift - the e-mail 2.0 answer to thwarting spam and threats. When SAV is implemented in Sendio's ESP, it only sends an SAV message to a first-time, unsolicited sender.

"We had to deal with spam without blocking legitimate e-mail. For example, we were concerned that filters would not be able to differentiate between fake 'Viagra' e-mail and valid messages with 'Viagra' in the subject line. Sendio gave us back our e-mail," said Glen Malan, director, IT Infrastructure and Web Systems, Central DuPage Hospital.

Price and Availability

Sendio's ESP appliance is compatible with any e-mail and directory server. Now available in two configurations, Sendio's ESP 360 is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, while the ESP 430 is an enterprise-class appliance. Sendio's ESP is priced starting at $1,995 (plus seat licenses). Volume discounts are available. For more information please visit www.sendio.com.

About Sendio, Inc.

Sendio, Inc., an innovative e-mail security company based in Irvine, California, re-establishes e-mail as a trusted communications tool by totally eliminating spam and e-mail threats in the enterprise environment. This results in dramatic time savings for users, and for IT staff, and reclaims lost resources for the company. Unlike filters, which require ongoing maintenance but remain only partially effective, Sendio's proactive approach to e-mail security incorporates a critical human element that brings authenticity and control to e-mail communications. Enterprise customers, in rapidly growing numbers, are adopting Sendio's E-mail Security Platform (ESP) to save time and money, and to provide their employees and partners with a healthier and more focused business environment. For more information, please visit www.sendio.com.