October 15, 2008

Intermarketing Will Use ME Domains – “It’s About You”

The upstart domain extension DotMe (www.domain.me) has launched with a bang. Intermarketing's Peter Nilson reports, "Due to the success and potential of the ME domain, our company is preparing to use the extension for several of our clients' upcoming marketing campaigns."

The extension crosses language barriers, and according to Nilson, "English is already the lingua franca of the Internet. Furthermore, ME also resonates with citizens who speak one of the Romance languages, for example, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. But what has really caught our attention," continues Nilson, "is the surprising fact that a large percentage of the existing .ME sites come from the Asian region. We intend to use .ME in marketing strategies for our clients worldwide."

GoDaddy.com, the world's giant in the field of domain name registration, reported that it received over 20,000 different dot .Me registration requests within the first 24 hours. According to Founder and CEO Bob Parsons of GoDaddy.com Corporation, to the best of the company's knowledge, that volume quite handily breaks any previous record of registrations within the first twenty-four hours of launching a new extension.

In the first few minutes of opening of the registration in July, over 5,000 domain names were purchased worldwide as both individuals and businesses alike rushed to secure their preferred .ME extension. The registrants grew exponentially, and within two weeks of opening, more than 100,000 domain names had owners. Since opening up registrations to the public, there are over 1.3 million .ME web sites developed worldwide.

The .ME extension has been achieving high sales at recent auctions and breaking records for registrations. It shows great potential as a branding tool that can change the way marketers and ad execs promote the services and products of their clients.

A pharmaceutical company can promote a new device or drug for persons with conditions like diabetes and asthma, and companies can use print ads or TV commercials to advise potential consumers and patients to go to diabetes.me or asthma.me, to get all the information about the product, and to possibly read testimonials from customers. This could be much easier than trying to type in hard to spell and difficult to pronounce drug names. A photo-sharing site or camera company can promote their site and products with photos.me. A travel or airline company can promote deals and promotions with flights.me, vacations.me or fly.me.

.ME is being promoted as ideal for the growing personalized web of blogs, microsites, journals, forums, communities, and interactive web and mobile 2.0 sites. However, there's much more potential with the .ME extension, as it's a catchy moniker that's easy to remember, fast to type in on a computer or cell phone, and even nouns and city and country names should fit well with the extension.

Property.me could be ideal as a real estate site, or interactive real estate networking site. Hotels.me could work well for travel deals and user reviews and ratings. Teens.me could be a cool teen blogging or social networking site. Location.me could be stellar for getting GPS or mapping info, directions on your mobile phone. London.me could be the go-to-site for London travel deals and info from reviewers and users. Vegas.me could be a great site for getting inside deals on hotels, shows, restaurants and updates for high rollers.

Apple created a series of revolutionary iProducts, including the iPhone, iTunes, iPod, iSight, iMix, among many more. They seem to be moving in a "ME" direction, having purchased ME.COM which is now an Apple trademark; the Company also has launched MOBILE.ME and its new product "MOBILE ME" which users and potential customers can access at ME.com. This could be the charting of a .ME world. Perhaps, with the popularity of the App Store and the daily downloading of thousands of iPhone Apps, the launch of Apps.me could be on the horizon.

Other companies that are getting on the .ME ship include Google, Microsoft, as well as leading social networking, blogging, travel, media, IT, and telecom sites. Expect to see many of these companies rolling out their .ME sites in the near future.

On first glance, the real value of the .ME extension is its potential to reach everybody on a personal level, and that's one of the reasons a .ME name can become so valuable.

In the future, soccer.me, honeymoon.me, Africa.me, mortgage.me, sports.me, and casino.me may become catch phrases or websites that can act as calls to action. Google now acts as both a noun (the name of a company) and verb (to search), so the next time you Google DOTME or .ME domains, don't be surprised if you see lots of hits and a new domain becoming one of the most popular and coolest destinations on the web.

.ME has arrived, and it's a welcome presence. ".ME - it's about YOU!" .ME is making its journey around the World Wide Web, and persons and companies worldwide are climbing aboard to reach their desired destinations.