October 15, 2008

Highwinds Will Stream Netmax.TV Videos and TV Channels to Worldwide Internet Viewers

LONDON, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Highwinds Network Group, Inc., a multi-platform IP services and content distribution provider, today announced at Streaming Media Europe (Stand #16) that Netmax Media has selected the Highwinds CDN for the streaming of its digital entertainment library to global audiences. Netmax.tv hosts a growing media library of over 30,000 licensed movie titles as well as television channels and episodic content, news, music videos and events. The high-definition content will be streamed on-demand over the Highwinds CDN to customers and subscribers through Netmax Media's customized video on demand (VOD) players.

"Our experience with Highwinds has been extremely positive. System integration was done in no time, and we were able to perform testing quickly and begin streaming our content over their network," said Jag Sandhu, COO of Netmax Media. "The streaming experience is great, and we are confident that our customers will be pleased with the delivery speed and quality."

Netmax.tv is emerging as one of the world's largest VOD and IPTV platforms, committed to rapidly and securely delivering streaming video content from any point of origin to any viewer in the world. Netmax.tv offers virtually unlimited entertainment options to its viewers through VOD rentals and subscription package plans. Netmax customers will make movie, episode and other media selections for immediate viewing on Netmax's video players. When a selection is made, the content will be streamed over the Highwinds CDN instantly to the player device.

The Highwinds CDN is fully integrated into the Netmax Media viewing platform and growing media library. It enables Netmax to quickly and reliably create, propagate, manage and deliver their videos and episodic content to users anywhere in the world. Highwinds' RollingThunder(TM) network, the backbone of the Highwinds CDN, was built to support streaming media and the global delivery of digital content. The network consists of nearly two dozen strategically placed Highwinds-owned data centers, multiple 10 Gbps connections and approximately 800 peering partnerships working together to accommodate user demand, millions of concurrent viewers and volume spikes without sacrificing quality of service. Netmax customers will benefit from instant streaming and viewing of any video selection at any time and from anywhere in the world.

"We are pleased to support Netmax's mission of reaching global audiences and ensuring high-quality user experiences," said Mark Hayes, vice president of marketing and business development at Highwinds. "This is being achieved by combining Netmax's vast and diverse media library with Highwinds' ability to deliver the library on-demand to users around the world at lightning-fast speeds."

Netmax monitors their performance and usage data through Highwinds' StrikeTracker(TM) media manager and reporting dashboard. StrikeTracker is unique in its ability to deliver real-time analytics and provides Netmax with complete control over their own content. Through the rich browser-based application, Netmax can provision new content in seconds, making it easy for them to grow their entertainment library and make new content available to their customers at unprecedented speeds. StrikeTracker enables Netmax to view various data - including delivery rates, hits on specific files, tracking of geographic regions, etc. - in real time, putting timely information at their fingertips any time it is needed.

"In our experience working with other CDNs, we discovered that finding individuals willing to go that extra mile is rare today. Highwinds has been a breath of fresh air, as we have been impressed to know that such professionals work for Highwinds," said Netmax's COO. "From the sales team to the technical team, Highwinds has done an excellent job answering questions, enthusiastically meeting our technical demands, pulling resources together, and exceeding our expectations for quality and service. Also, all the tools offered in StrikeTracker to monitor the performance and usage really makes our business management shrink to a laptop screen."

About Netmax Media, LLC

Netmax Media is a digital entertainment provider of multi-language ethnic television and entertainment content globally through the deployment of VOD and IPTV technology. Its motto "Entertainment Outreached" signifies connecting ETHNIC COMMUNITIES around the world to their homelands with the help of set-top boxes and through its state-of-the-art unique web-portal interface. Netmax.tv aims at becoming a benchmark in terms of quality and services in the field of digital entertainment. Netmax.tv provides high- quality Hollywood, Bollywood and Worldwide Movies as well as TV Channels, TV Shows, Games, News, Sports, Videos on Demand (VOD), and much more beyond anyone's imagination or limitations for its viewers. Netmax.tv's aim is to make each and every single viewer extremely satisfied with its services in every sense. Customer satisfaction is the company's main motive, and network expansion is one of the main future plans of Netmax.tv. For more information, visit http://www.netmax.tv/.

About Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

Highwinds is a leader in multi-platform IP services, file replication, and content delivery software and services. Since 2002, Highwinds has provided for the advancement of a variety of technologies - including messaging bus architecture, network management, distributed file systems and content routing methods. The Highwinds CDN leverages the company's high-performance RollingThunder(TM) network and user-friendly StrikeTracker(TM) media manager and reporting dashboard to globally deliver content, videos, live events and other media. It sets the pace among content delivery networks by offering advantages in data center peering, real-time analytics, instant account provisioning, complete content control and massive scalability. Highwinds is headquartered in Winter Park, Fla., and maintains 23 data centers throughout North America and Europe. For more information, please visit http://www.highwinds.com/.

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