October 15, 2008

MeDeploy Picks Widgetbox for Viral Movie Distribution

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Widgetbox, the world's first and largest widget community today announced a partnership with MeDeploy, a Connecticut-based startup that enables the film industry to launch digital distribution around the net. Widgetbox and MeDeploy are launching a way to build and deploy viral distribution widgets, that supports both trailers, e-commerce and digital delivery.

Powered by MeDeploy's Distribution API, movie distribution and digital video sales are instantly added to a web widget. Widgetbox's easy-to-use interface gives users the ability to customize, publish and expand distribution of their widget virally, using the web to reach fans of the content. The viral movie distribution widget can be integrated into any website, social network profile and blog. The viral widget increases sales by giving fans easy access to the content through the Widgetbox Network and by allowing consumers to purchase directly from their point of discovery, without driving traffic away.

"Widgetbox's platform, which hosts the largest widget community on the web and was the easiest to use -- was a natural choice for distribution," said MeDeploy CEO, Christian Taylor. "We're excited to be able to offer this viral tool to our customers."

"Our experience with widget-based content syndication and distribution made Widgetbox a natural partner for MeDeploy's viral channel distribution," said Widgetbox CEO, Will Price. "Tapping into the web's largest widget community gives our partners a tremendous advantage in creating a vehicle for viral content distribution that can be placed anywhere online."

Users can begin launching viral movie distribution widgets now by registering for a FREE MeDeploy account at http://www.medeploy.com/.

About Widgetbox

With more than 145,000 widgets and 69 million unique monthly viewers on over 1.4 million domains, Widgetbox is home to the world's largest widget community. Since 2006, Widgetbox has pioneered the rise of widgets and connects widget creators, consumers, and advertisers by providing choice to those who want it and reach to those who need it. By leveraging its massive widget exchange, and understanding the desire for users to have online freedom, Widgetbox is accelerating the Internet revolution through unlimited access to and easy use of web widgets. For more information, please visit http://www.widgetbox.com/.

About MeDeploy

MeDeploy enables the film and television industry to launch digital distribution across websites, social networks, blogs or anywhere else, opening new and untapped revenue streams. MeDeploy's powerful yet easy to use "Distribution API" is the first of its kind and allows digital video sales and distribution to be added anywhere around the net, closing the divide between content and consumers. For more information, please visit http://www.medeploy.com/.

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