October 15, 2008

NEC Deploys One of Japan’s Largest Unified Communications Solutions Encompassing 3,000 Employees

NEC Corporation (NEC) today announced that NEC Personal Products, Ltd. is implementing an integrated Unified Communications (UC) solution with Microsoft and NEC Corporation for approximately 3,000 employees ranging from development and sales personnel to corporate staff.

The new system is among Japan's largest UC deployment linking NEC's UNIVERGE SV7000 IP telephony communications server with Microsoft(R) Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS). The companywide deployment began earlier this month.

"NEC prides itself on providing the industry's leading communications solutions through our own UNIVERGE portfolio. To this end, we are committed to interoperability with the world's leading software companies," said Kazuo Tsuzuki, Associate Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation. "Our 30-year relationship with Microsoft proved to be an excellent opportunity to showcase these integration capabilities, as evidenced by the deployment of our UNIVERGE telephony communications servers with Microsoft's Office Communications Suite across our NEC Personal Products, Ltd. facilities in Japan."

The solution allows NEC Personal Products to communicate and collaborate efficiently, using features such as IP voice, instant messaging, email and video conferencing, all according to the users' status information provided by the presence function. In addition, because the new system is capable of archiving phone calls and email as well as encrypting the network, high compliance security measures can be implemented. This is the first company-wide implementation of UC from the development and production sites to sales maintenance support offices in Japan.

NEC Personal Products manufactures, supports and sells NEC-brand personal computers, the market-leading PC brand in Japan. In the Japanese market, where product cycles are increasingly short and customer needs are diverse, NEC Personal Products has worked to create a more streamlined and secure communications environment across all divisions by implementing a common platform for document management. The company comprises multiple sites in Japan, including the Yonezawa plant for development and manufacturing, the Gunma plant for maintenance and support, and 33 sales offices throughout the country.

The new solution is designed to achieve integrated voice and data IP communications by combining the functionality of the UNIVERGE SV7000 communications server with Microsoft's OCS, which enables the use of productivity functions from Microsoft Office applications. The two products will be integrated using NEC's OCS-Gateway middleware.

Primary organizational and technical benefits of the newly integrated UNIVERGE / Microsoft solution include the following.

(1) Improved work speed through efficient communications

-Regardless of employees' locations, their status is confirmed in advance using presence information. Workers easily identify and select the most suitable means of communication, such as fixed-line call, mobile phone call, instant messaging, email or video conference.

-UNIVERSGE SV7000 enables internal/external calls as well as calls to a department's main number. Due to the integration between UNIVERGE SV7000 and OCS, transfer from a main a department number to individual PC client software, Microsoft Office Communicator, is possible.

-UNIVERGE SV7000's main number function offers a suitable communication environment to departments that require main numbers, such as Customer Services. Because fixed-lines can be also used, the UNIVERGE server offers a suitable solution for senior executives who require seamless operability, regardless of whether their PCs are on.

- Microsoft's video teleconference system, Microsoft RoundTable(TM), features a 360-degree camera that automatically focuses on the speaker and provides a vivid Web collaboration environment. Departments can hold meetings in a timely manner without travel. For instance, Manufacturing and Development can use the system to review design details, while Sales and Manufacturing can share and review sales data in real-time.

(2) Enhanced security and compliance

-By implementing OCS, NEC Personal Products has the ability to record all calls and emails and assign a specific telephone number to all employees, providing a clear archive of communication records.

-Because communications through OCS and UNIVERGE SV7000 are fully encrypted with the latest standards and protocols, communication is leak-proof without burdening the end user.

(3) Reliable and redundant business communications

-Redundant UNIVERGE SV7000 servers create a highly reliable communications environment, a necessary for voice in a business setting.

(4) Ability to maintain the entire NEC and Microsoft integrated solution

- NEC is the only Japanese manufacturer that offers both a communications server and OCS gateway product as an integrated product offering. In the event of a problem or issue with the solution, NEC can nimbly analyze, respond to and fix problems.

(5) Reduction of transportation and floor relocation costs

-Implementation of UNIVERGE SV7000 enables a centrally managed mobile IP communications environment across all NEC Personal Products departments, regardless of location or device. As a result, certain costs incurred by personnel changes are no longer required, and IP telephony contributes to a significant reduction in communication-related cost.

-By using Web conferencing, remote employees are able to share materials. With the implementation of this system, NEC Personal Products expects a reduction in travel costs.

NEC Personal Products proactively works to innovate and streamline its manufacturing and logistics processes through Value Chain Management (VCM), NEC's own internal supply chain management approach. Through VCM, NEC takes a customer view of its business from PC manufacturing through sales, improving production and traceability using RFID. The company continues to promote business efficiency and enhancement of compliance security by implementing the latest communications solution in all locations that handle product planning and sales.

About NEC Corporation

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