October 15, 2008

Icyou Unveils “You and Improved” Web Site

icyou today announced its launch out of beta, which includes new personalization options and communication tools for users. Facilitating effortless searches for healthcare content and providing users with videos and links to updates and news, the expanded site helps icyou-users remain in the know about the health issues that impact them personally.

Originally launched in September 2007, icyou has rapidly become THE most diverse libraries of online healthcare videos. Built around common health concerns, the Web site features videos uploaded by patients, caregivers, doctors and experts. Editorial staff for icyou work with medical editors and contributing physicians to internally produce high-quality videos and review video content posted to the site.

icyou's "you and improved" Web site features two distinct home pages based on user-type; one for registered users and the other for unregistered users. The Registered User Home page allows any user who signs up for a free icyou account to create his or her own personal landing page by picking many custom content sets including My Videos, My Favorites, My Favorite Channels, Popular Tags and Searches, Keyword Searches and Topic Search. Providing frequent members with a completely customizable home page on the icyou Web site allows them to get directly to the most relevant videos to them.

New users and those who have not yet signed up for a free icyou account will also benefit from icyou's latest additions. The new Standard home page offers information about the Web site, as well as redesigned search and browse options that allow users to easily locate video content and dive right into the icyou community. For both registered and unregistered users, icyou's 79 health topics are consolidated into top-level categories, allowing users to hone in on the topics that interest them the most.

In addition to the redesigned home pages, icyou offers "The Pulse," its new Community Hub. The Pulse provides users with a medium to communicate their own healthcare-related story and encourages member input and feedback. Featuring a new blog, updated Profile Directories and Profile Pages, video and e-mail newsletters, the Pulse facilitates community-building and provides regular updates for icyou members.

The blog, which will be updated weekly, discusses new developments in the healthcare industry and specifically within icyou. The two newsletters will be made available to users on a monthly basis beginning in October and will include the most relevant stories and issues headlining the online community, as well as new content on the site. A traditional newsletter will be sent to registered users via e-mail and will include a secondary "newsvletter," a video update that will also be posted on the Web site.

Available to anyone with a free membership, an icyou channel provides all users, with a blank canvas to communicate their own healthcare-related story. Individuals, patients or institutions can customize their channel which includes a Home tab, a Video tab - that acts as a directory for their uploaded videos and a Community tab - where users can become fans of other user channels. By allowing each member to tag their favorite videos and keep track of who is watching theirs, this last feature fosters two-way interaction and encourages the open lines of communication that characterize icyou.

With its launch out of beta, icyou continues to emphasize the power of community in tackling complex health issues. You can find doctors talking about immunizations, patients discussing how they deal with chronic illness, hospitals explaining meditation techniques, and so much more. And now you can find it all easier than ever. icyou is committed to changing the way you view healthcare, so stay tuned because there is much more to come.

About icyou

As a user-generated video aggregator, icyou (intensive content for your health) is the source for healthcare videos online. From important medical breakthroughs to the latest diets, from recipes for diabetics to vlogs from cancer patients - icyou is where online communities discuss healthcare. Doctors, patients, nurses, health organizations and individuals contribute to the icyou community by uploading video. In addition, icyou creates its own top-notch healthcare video through Benefitfocus Media(TM). Join us online at www.icyou.com.