October 15, 2008

Giving America a Press Card: New Web Site Puts a Bounty on Presidential Campaign Facts, Web Site Will Offer As Much As $50,000 for Verifiable Facts That Up-End Spin and Demolish Innuendo

NEW YORK, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Americastruenews.com is going live.

A web site that offers cash bounties of up to $50,000 to those who can offer verifiable facts about our Presidential candidates has gone live with the objective of getting to the truth about those seeking the nation's highest elective office.

Americastruenews.com will offer $200 to those individuals who e-mail previously undisclosed, or unreported, facts that can be verified and are then used on its site. In addition, $1,000 will be sent to those who can prove that the information posted on the site is, verifiably wrong. Finally, those who refer someone to the web site who is rewarded with a sweepstakes prize will get a percentage of the award.

However the web site will provide as much as $50,000 to the individual who can make claim on its "Knock Out Challenge" with verifiable information that stops either Democratic or Republican Presidential campaigns in their tracks with news so stunning that it makes the election a foregone conclusion.

All those who register on the web site will also be participating in an Election Night Sweepstakes for $25,000 entitled "Democracy Wins" as a means of celebrating the role of the Internet in strengthening our American democracy.

Giving America press credentials

"http://www.americastruenews.com/ doesn't have an agenda. It doesn't have a political cause other than the strengthening of democracy," stated E. Olson, the web site's Director of Content. "It has a simple mission. We are cutting through the rhetoric, the spin and the oratory for the purpose of placing the truth about these candidates on a web site where it can be read by anyone. We have given a press card to every single American and asked them to become correspondents. Armed with their verifiable information the voter will decide for themselves which candidate is fit for office and worthy of your vote."

As part of its mission statement, http://www.americastruenews.com/ states, "It is our opinion that the press defeated Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama. (Accordingly,) our duty, as American citizens, is to elect the next President of the United States. It is, therefore, our obligation to do so by seeking the truth about our Presidential candidates; character, records, and beliefs."

There are no restrictions as to who can offer facts for verification to http://www.americastruenews.com/. Whether it's a political columnist in Los Angeles or a Blogger in her living room, the web site only makes the demand that the fact about the Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate be accurate and verifiable.

"Democracy has a brand new and powerful friend," concluded Mrs. Olson. http://www.americastruenews.com/.


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