October 16, 2008

Media Advisory: Virtium Technology Exhibiting at AdvancedTCA Summit 2008

 WHAT     Virtium Technology Inc., manufacturer of memory and solid state          storage products for specialized computers in demanding          environments, will be exhibiting at this year's AdvancedTCA          Summit.          Virtium is introducing SSDDR SODIMM, a dual-function DDR and SATA          SSD module on SODIMM socket.  Virtium's combined DDR & NAND Flash          SATA module is the first long-term sustainable solution for both          solid state drive storage module (SSD Module) and main memory          functions in single board computer (SBC) applications.  The          company is also introducing its LeanSTOR AMC Solid State Storage          Board to the AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA community as the best-fit          storage solution with higher reliability, faster data transfer          and larger capacity for direct attached storage elements at the          system level.          Show attendees are invited to join Virtium in Session 101:          Hardware on Wednesday, October 22 from 8:30 am to 9:45 am.  This          group will discuss specific hardware challenges facing ATCA          designers, and Virtium will focus on memory selection and an          in-depth examination of storage alternatives.          Virtium's own design and engineering experts will be on hand to          demonstrate these new products, answer technical questions and          educate attendees on design techniques for ATCA applications in          telecommunications equipment, mobile systems, military and          defense systems, medical equipment, and others. WHEN     October 21-23, 2008 WHERE    AdvancedTCA/MicroTCA Summit          Santa Clara Convention Center - Booth # 215, Santa Clara,          California WHO      Virtium provides memory and solid state storage solutions for          single board computers and systems.   Virtium's products are          designed to satisfy demanding applications in the embedded          computing, telecom, networking, storage, military and aerospace          markets.  Virtium is the only manufacturer going the extra mile          to offer special services that save design engineers and          procurement professionals time, money and deliver a worry-free          experience.          Established in 1997, Virtium is a privately-held,          financially-sound technology company with its own U.S.-based          design and manufacturing facility. Headquartered in Southern          California, the company maintains representative offices          throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information, call          toll-free at 1-888-VIRTIUM (1-888-847-8486) or visit Virtium          Technology online at www.virtium.com.  KEY     SSD board, SSD module, NAND Flash module, SSD design, embedded WORDS    SSD, industrial SSD, SATA disk on module, SATA disk on chip,  and     SATA storage module, SATA SSD, SATA module, AMC SATA storage SEARCH   board, AMC hard drive, AMC SSD. AMC solid state drive, AMC server TERMS    storage, ATCA SATA storage board, ATCA hard drive, ATCA SSD, ATCA          solid state drive, AdvancedTCA SATA storage board, AdvancedTCA          hard drive, AdvancedTCA SSD, AdvancedTCA solid state drive,          MicroTCA SATA storage board, MicroTCA hard drive, MicroTCA SSD,          MicroTCA solid state drive, SATA storage board 

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SOURCE: Virtium Technology