October 16, 2008

New Search Engine Module MDCache Released By Netsolutions, Inc.

FUJIYOSHIDA-SI, Japan, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Netsolutions, Inc., an innovative IT start-up announces the release of a multi-dimensional search engine module called MDCache. The product is a Java library with a simple API to search data by multiple keys efficiently & effortless.

Using multiple keys is a heavy process in database. MDCache will work efficiently even if the keys increase to tens or hundreds.

This software makes it possible to develop web 2.0-ready, unique search engines; such as recommendation engine, image search engine, sound search engine, correlation analysis, location search engine & pattern recognition engine.

   To learn more, visit http://mdcache.com/    Multi-dimensional Search Engine  

Multi-dimensional searching means searching with multiple keys. MDCache makes it possible to search complex data more efficiently than general databases. It also enables high-performance searching by multiple keys without distributed processing of multiple servers such as with MapReduce (An approach adopted in major search engines). The main benefit is that it can be utilized for converting existing digital assets into unique web 2.0-ready applications -or- new generation search engines at a much lower cost.

Background of MDCache

A database has become an essential commodity for businesses, and using databases in general is popular in today's digital world. On the other hand, there are case studies of successful players who provide valuable services based on unique data models. The unique data models come from their independent research and analysis. MDCache was developed to produce unique data models by utilizing existing digital assets easily & efficiently.

MDCache Defined

MD is an abbreviation for multi-dimensional. Cache means data storage to retrieve efficiently. MDCache was named as a multi-dimensional caching solution which enables developments to go beyond the limitations of general databases; while utilizing existing digital assets effectively.

About Netsolutions, Inc.

Netsolutions, Inc. is a start-up IT company located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji in Japan. The idea of different scales, realizing unique networks and the greatest possible attention to detail are what make Netsolutions a dynamic, results-driven organization.

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