October 16, 2008

KazCommertzBank Deploys Cisco Technology for Tele-Banking Services

KazCommertzBank has deployed Cisco technology to help improve the quality of its 24x7 tele-banking service to customers.

In implementing Cisco's Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution with integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR), KazCommertzBank aims to respond to customer calls in less than 20 seconds, while also reducing its per-call cost by up to 30%, said Cisco.

KazCommertzBank's new contact center uses Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and IVR solutions to support up to 30 simultaneous customer calls. It also offers automated self-service for access to personalized information, such as account balances and credit card limits; changing Homebank.kz passwords; and paying for fixed and mobile communications and cable TV services.

Ermek Shamuratov, managing director of KazCommertzBank, said: "With a rapidly expanding customer base, the need for high-quality 24x7 customer service is imperative for KazCommertzBank. Cisco is helping us maintain service level thresholds above 85-90%. By the end of 2008, KazCommertzBank plans to radically expand the range of phone services delivered to large enterprises, small and medium businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Cisco technology will play an important role in supporting this expansion with high quality of service."

Mikhail Laskin, enterprise solutions manager of Cisco, said: "Cisco Unified Contact Center offers tools and mechanisms for fast and adaptation of business processes that address changing core business requirements. Cisco Unified Communications is helping KazCommertzBank to improve quality of customer service and deliver a marked reduction in operational expenses."