October 16, 2008

What Churches Aren’t Teaching That You Should Know About — New Book is the Perfect Guide That Will Help You Decide If Your Church is Led By the Holy Spirit

KINGSVILLE, Texas, Oct. 16, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It doesn't matter whether you're a Protestant or a Catholic. What matters more is what our churches should be teaching. Gaining salvation is more than just an emotional night at a revival or perfect attendance in mass. True, it may be the first step, but God is expecting more from us - a deep commitment that one must freely and willingly make. Catholic or Protestant, an insightful guide by author Steve Childers enlightens us on what our churches are teaching and how we can make our own steps to be closer to God.

Many Christians are frustrated because all they hear about in church are the blessings of Christ, yet many of them wonder why they are not experiencing them. Many churches filter what they preach about, only teaching about the benefits so as not to upset anyone, which could in turn, hurt contributions to the building fund. Living as Christians isn't just about the blessings of Christ or the benefits of being Christians. Christians must understand what the Lord expects in order to experience His blessings. It is up to us whether we experience the wonderful promises of Jesus Christ or suffer the consequences of bad decisions following the sinful ways of man.

Our life on earth and our standing in heaven depends on the daily choices we make. Because one's life depends on the daily choices made and done, the Bible is there to give insight on the life changes to be dealt with, not as justification of the life one is currently living. God has given us the free will to do what we choose to do. It if we do decide to enter into a relationship with Him, God demands nothing less than a deep, whole-hearted commitment that one freely and willingly makes. Organized by topic, along with the Childers' interpretation, Catholic or Protestant is the perfect guide to help you decide if you are in a church being led by the Holy Spirit. Get a copy and learn about what our churches should be teaching!

                Catholic or Protestant * by Steve Childers                  What Our Churches Should Be Teaching                       Publication Date: 6-27-2008                   Trade Paperback; $19.99; 348 pages;                978-1-4363-1344-5 Cloth Hardback; $29.99;                      348 pages; 978-1-4363-1345-2 

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