October 17, 2008

CCID Consulting Analyzes Internet Marketing’s New Mode

BEIJING, Oct. 17 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- CCID Consulting, China's leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm listed in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Stock Exchange: HK08235), recently released its article on Internet marketing's new mode.

In the initial stage of Internet industry, Internet marketing followed the mode of traditional media. Internet advertisement is the major marketing method by then. Web2.0 has met diversified consumer demands and interaction among consumers is strengthened. Under the new background, delivering autonomy to consumers and oral spreading basing on this autonomy has been the foundation of Internet new marketing.

Web2.0 Marketing

Blog marketing, enterprise blog marketing, RSS marketing, podcast marketing, video marketing, community marketing, and other marketing modes develop rapidly, which became new choices for enterprises to implement Internet marketing.

In June, 2006, AMD began to put advertisements on the blog of Jinglei Xu, a famous domestic actor. Except for being famous as an actor, the Jinglei Xu Blog also presented personal preferences, which created a reader group which was highly consistent with the target customers of AMD. In 2007, enterprise blog marketing became one of the mainstream network marketing methods and an important part of enterprise Internet marketing strategy. In 2008, comprehensive marketing mode integrating video marketing and community marketing has become the main features of Web2.0 marketing. Take for example the ongoing Presidential Election in the United States, when the March 2008 Philadelphia speech presented by one of the presidential candidates, Obama was uploaded to Youtube, the number of VoD times exceeded the total number of audience of the major three cable TV networks during the live broadcast. The number of subscribers who ordered Obama's election channel in Youtube has exceeded 100,000 as well. Number of friends in Obama's Myspace now reaches 400,000.

Widget/Gadget Marketing

Widget/Gadget is a kind of small module, which is developed by enterprises or consumers self to realize special functions. These modules can be embedded into websites or downloaded to consumers' computers. Widget/Gadget can realize games, clocks & calendar, message subscription, system assistant, network tools, and other functions. Consumers can get needed services through Widget/Gadget tools.

The outstanding advantage of Widget/Gadget lies in that Widget/Gadget is a simple and customized method to know enterprise product information comprehensively and dynamically. Widget/Gadget is a novel marketing mode, by which consumers will have self-choice right so as to build a better communication environment between enterprises and consumers and achieve common benefits. Domestic Widget/Gadget market is just in the initial stage at present. On the other hand, USA enterprises will spend about 40 million US Dollars on Widget/Gadget marketing. Honda, Sony, AOL, MGM, 20 Century FOX, and other companies have all adopted the Widget/Gadget marketing mode.

Internet Experience Marketing

Breaking the assumption that consumers are rational, a new trend in Internet marketing believes that consumers are both rational and perceptual while purchasing. Consumers' experience before purchasing, at purchasing, and after purchasing is the key when studying consumer behavior and enterprise brand management. Enterprises that provide online games, anti-virus software, movie, music, and other services usually use Internet experience marketing, providing a period of free time to consumers to experience products. Consumers will not pay until after having a satisfactory experience. In 2007, Huangguoshu Tourism Group authorizes ZBox, an electronic magazine platform, to implement Internet full view experience marketing. By this means, Food, lodging, traveling, purchasing, entertainment, and other activities in 115 square kilometers in the Huangguoshu scenic area are shown through photos, animation, text, voice-overs, etc., delivered to users both offline and online. It was well received by tourists who need information on scenic culture, ecological geographical conditions, tour guide, shopping guide, and many other services. Such networks reviewed the convergence of Internet experience and traditional marketing.

Diversified Web2.0 marketing modes show web2.0 features such as 'individuality, autonomy, interaction, experience'. In the future, the development of Internet will mainly display user sovereignty and interaction among users. Internet marketing mode will also tend to serve consumers, highlighting choices of users, changing the role of consumers to facilitate enterprise marketing actively.

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