October 17, 2008

Police: Terrorists Use Kid Porn Web Sites

European investigators believe that terrorist groups are using child pornography Web sites to pass coded information, The Times of London reports.

Italian police found computer child pornography during a 2001 raid on a mosque in Milan, the newspaper said.

British investigators made similar discoveries in 2006 in two raids.

The Metropolitan Police are working on a pilot research program to look at possible links between terrorism and pornography, sources told The Times. This might eventually include training those who monitor pedophile Internet sites to look for signs of terrorist involvement.

Investigators are unsure if the pornography is simply a means of secure communication or if some of those using it actually enjoy it. In one raid, police allegedly found 40,000 pornographic images, suggesting that the user had more than one motive.

Experts say that information can be hidden within many types of files, invisible to those who do not have the software to reverse the process.