October 20, 2008

Comcast Media Center and Itaas Join Forces on Enhanced TV and Tru2way(TM) Services

Comcast Media Center (CMC) and itaas Inc., a leading provider of software tools and services critical for robust and reliable delivery of next generation television, today announced a joint marketing agreement that will advance application development and time to market for cable's enhanced and tru2way(TM) services. CMC and itaas are teaming to provide expanded enhanced television (ETV) and EBIF-compliant application development and testing support for the HITS AxIS platform, a central meeting place for companies that want to advance interactive television.

"itaas' considerable experience in interactive television application development, testing, integration and post-deployment support will help expand support for our HITS AxIS platform," said Gary Traver, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Comcast Media Center. "Together, CMC and itaas will help expand the pool of application developers using the ETV and tru2way platforms and offer expanded toolsets that translate into quick and efficient rollouts of compelling enhanced television services available on today's set-top boxes."

CMC and itaas will jointly offer application development, quality assurance, testing and integration support from itaas for the Comcast Media Center HITS AxIS platform. Service providers and application developers will gain access to state of the art lab facilities and equipment available through the HITS AxIS platform and a large selection of tru2way and legacy set-top boxes. itaas, leveraging its istart developer program, will enable content providers and application developers to submit their tru2way(TM) and ETV applications for testing. As part of their testing, itaas will replicate the robust cable plant profiles the CMC uses to deploy and sustain iTV applications for its MSO partners, which employ a wide array of cable infrastructure profiles.

"We are excited to work with CMC, a leader in content management and distribution, to help spur the development of new services and expand support for the HITS AxIS platform," said itaas' President and CEO Vibha Rustagi. "This partnership is just another way itaas can help expand the iTV application landscape with its experience and toolsets for cable operators, programmers and application developers looking to roll out enhanced television and tru2way services."

itaas touts 10 years of experience in the interactive television services arena and supports tru2way and ETV application development and support for Cisco, Motorola and TVWorks platforms. Other services offered by itaas include client and server side application development, quality assurance, testing, integration and post- deployment support. For over five years, itaas has been providing support for application developers through its istart developer program. To date, itaas has provided top quality technical support through istart to over 50 developers across various platforms.

Launched in May of this year, HITS AxIS serves as a centralized resource to support the development, delivery and management of advanced interactive applications using the ETV Enhanced Television-Binary Interchange Format platform as well as the emerging tru2way(TM) platform. It is designed to operate on the NAS and DAC headend management systems, which will provide cable system operators serving smaller markets with additional revenue opportunities and a more competitive profile without incurring the significant capital outlays required to upgrade their cable system architectures in order to support advanced interactive applications.

About Comcast Media Center

Denver-based Comcast Media Center (CMC), a business unit of Comcast Cable, provides centralized content management and distribution solutions for cable systems, video content providers and advertisers "All From The CENTER." CMC's content distribution platforms include its HITS Quantum all-digital portfolio, which consists of over 280 linear HD and SD digital video and audio services that reach more than 2,000 local cable system headends; VOD In a Box, which delivers over 1,200 HD and SD video on demand programs via a centralized content management solution; HITS AxIS, a suite of services that support the development and delivery of iTV applications; and HITS Broadband, a carrier-class IP connectivity service. The CMC's content distribution services include a video on demand (VOD) platform that manages and distributes over 8,000 VOD assets each month; live event and TV network origination; satellite and terrestrial fiber transmission services; disaster recovery; transcoding, hosting and storage for online and mobile video; and a full set of video production and editing capabilities. Its advertising distribution services include the Advertising Distribution Network (ADN), a web portal for centrally managing advertising and promotional spots that has over 1,700 users at cable MSO, division and system locations. More information is available at http://www.comcastmediacenter.com.

About itaas, Inc.

itaas is the leading provider of multi-platform solutions for cable, satellite, broadband and cellular operators, programmers, application developers and infrastructure providers deploying interactive technology in the digital media industry. Service operators turn to itaas to build and simulate wide scale deployments of new products and applications. Developers and programmers entrust itaas to develop and deploy applications and services that span all stages of the product lifecycle across cable, IPTV, and wireless. Infrastructure companies continue to leverage itaas' client and server expertise in building creative and robust solutions around the digital STBs and headends. With offices in the US and India, more than 100 customers worldwide and a decade of proven results, itaas ensures their customers anticipate and address the challenges and opportunities in the evolving digital marketplace. For more information please visit www.itaas.com.