October 20, 2008

Social Search Engine Scour.Com Increases Search Speed, Limits Top Sponsored Results for Improved User Experience

In search, speed is the name of the game. To that end, social search engine Scour.com today unveiled slick new features including faster search results that rival other top engines' and a new layout with fewer sponsored results. It's all about letting people get to what they're searching for quicker.

Launched in July, Scour is a meta search engine, gathering results from Google, Yahoo! and MSN. People are rewarded with VISA gift cards for searching, voting and commenting on results. One point is awarded for each search, vote or comment. Accruing 6500 points translates into a $25 reward. Scour has paid out many users already.

"We listened and took action after people gave us honest feedback about what would make a better Scour experience," said Daniel Yomtobian, president and CEO of Scour. "Speed is particularly important--with relevancy of course--and we're proud that Scour is quite competitive in tests against the best engines, even while aggregating results from 3 search engines! That's no small feat."

Highlights of the revamped Scour.com include:

-- Search speed improved by 80%--For example, a search for "shoes" is averaging .123 seconds with the newly overhauled speed.

-- New layout--Limited the top sponsored results and added more listings per page to help users find what they're searching for quicker and without clutter.

-- New search filter--Double click on any word in the results to add or remove the word to your search.

-- Open results in new tab--More tabs available for easy navigation.

-- Site search from results--Now users can conduct a site search using their current query on any site in the results page.

-- Better comment view--Users can better organize comments left by other Scour members.

-- Enhanced points box--Users can get a detailed snapshot of their total points breakdown with a simple click without leaving the page they are on.

Like any good search engine for the people, Scour plans on many new upgrades to search functionality and custom user settings in the near future.

Check out Scour on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fLQ6a-DAuw&feature=related


Scour.com is a social search engine that bridges the gap between algorithmic and human powered search. Scour rewards people for searching, voting, commenting and referring friends. Launched in 2008, Scour was previously Aftervote.com, which was acquired by ABCSearch, an Internext Media Corp.company, in 2008. To learn more about Scour, visit www.scour.com.