October 20, 2008

CMC and Itaas Form Marketing Agreement to Enhance TV and Tru2way Services

Comcast Media Center, a business unit of Comcast Cable and a provider of content management and distribution solutions, and itaas, a provider of software tools and services of next generation television, have formed a joint marketing agreement to advance application development and time to market for cable's enhanced and tru2way services.

The partnership between Comcast Media Center (CMC) and itaas is expected to provide expanded enhanced television (ETV) and EBIF-compliant application development and testing support for the HITS AxIS platform, a central meeting place for companies that want to advance interactive television.

CMC and itaas will jointly offer application development, quality assurance, testing and integration support from itaas for the CMC Hits AxIS platform. Service providers and application developers will gain access to lab facilities and equipment available through the Hits AxIS platform and a selection of tru2way and legacy set-top boxes.

As part of their testing, itaas will replicate the cable plant profiles the CMC uses to deploy and sustain iTV applications for its MSO partners, which employ a wide array of cable infrastructure profiles.

Vibha Rustagi, president and CEO of itaas, said: "We are excited to work with CMC, a leader in content management and distribution, to help spur the development of new services and expand support for the HITS AxIS platform. This partnership is just another way itaas can help expand the iTV application landscape with its experience and toolsets for cable operators, programmers and application developers looking to roll out enhanced television and tru2way services."