October 21, 2008

SuperPoints Network Lets You Search, Shop and Share for Great Prizes

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The SuperPoints Network -- http://www.superpoints.com/ -- has launched a trio of sites designed to leverage people's social networks to win and earn SuperPoints(TM), redeemable for rewards from major brands, including The Gap, Target, Apple, Nintendo and Home Depot. The SuperPoints Network is a comprehensive reward program where users earn valuable rewards for doing things they do online every day -- searching and shopping for products and services and connecting with their friends. The SuperPoints Network, which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, also allows users to accumulate SuperPoints and donate to charities, including Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross, among others.

"We've created a simple and fun way for people to give their friends a way to win and earn a wide range of prizes for themselves or donations for their favorite charities," commented Ryan Koonce, CEO of the SuperPoints Network. "With social networking being such a big part of people's daily Internet routines, the SuperPoints Network simply lets them get rewarded for their connections through searching, shopping and sharing activities."

Unlike other rewards programs, the SuperPoints Network allows you to connect with people from social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. A person has numerous ways to accumulate points, from getting friends to search on LuckySearch (http://www.luckysearch.com/) to shop at RewardShopping (http://www.rewardshopping.com/) and to share new products and services at RewardLadder (http://www.rewardladder.com/). The SuperPoints Network distributes an average of 2,200 prizes each month from more than 2,000 major brands in a diverse array of categories, including electronics, sports and outdoors, automobiles, toys and games, and more.

"The LuckySearch website is so easy to use everyday," commented Sharon Jeka. "By doing searches online daily, I was able to accumulate enough points to redeem for a Nintendo Wii for my daughter. It's fast, easy and I've passed the LuckySearch website on to family and friends. The Wii arrived in the mail soon after I redeemed the points, just as promised. In fact, they made it a point to try to have it arrive in time for my daughter's birthday. Now we are both working on earning our next rewards on the SuperPoints Network." For more information, including customer testimonials, visit http://www.superpoints.com/info.

About the SuperPoints Network:

The SuperPoints Network is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and was founded in 2007 by Ryan Koonce, an entrepreneur with a deep background in social media. The company is backed by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, Softech Venture Capital and Maples Investments. Through the trio of SuperPoints Network sites -- LuckySearch, RewardShopping and RewardLadder -- more than 100k consumers and their contacts work together to earn SuperPoints redeemable for rewards from more than 2,000 major brands.

The SuperPoints Network

CONTACT: Dianne Gleason of Enfuego Strategic Communications,+1-303-381-2571, [email protected], for The SuperPoints Network

Web site: http://www.superpoints.com/http://www.luckysearch.com/http://www.rewardshopping.com/http://www.rewardladder.com/