October 21, 2008

Video Game Music Potentially Offensive

Potentially offensive background music in the videogame, "LittleBigPlanet" will result in a one week delay for its public release in the United States. 

According to a Sony representative, the music is contained in song "Tapha Niang" by Toumani Diabate from Mali.  The music tracks contains two expressions that are found in the Qur'an.  The company acted without delay to correct the background music and apologized for any possible offense that may have been caused by the references to the Qur'an.

The game is published by the Sony Corporation for the PlayStation 3. The game involves solving puzzles in a community based game and was set to be released on October 21. Sony will begin shipping new copies to stores during the week of October 27.  The company did not reveal the replacement costs.

Users of the game can create virtual worlds.  They can play and share their creations with players from all over the world.

Sony has been promoting the game since 2007 in an attempt to gain an advantage over Microsoft Corp's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii.


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