October 21, 2008

Shazam Launches Android Application Integrated With MySpace and Amazon MP3

Shazam, the world's leading mobile music discovery provider, today announced the launch of its mobile application for the Android platform that allows users to easily discover music that can immediately be purchased through the Amazon MP3 store and connect with artists through MySpace, all on their mobile device. Android users will be able to quickly and easily enhance their music collections while taking advantage of social networking integration with MySpace to get the most out of their latest music discovery.

Shazam allows anyone with a mobile phone to identify music by holding the phone towards an unknown song. The Shazam technology recognizes the song and provides the user with information about the track, artists and album. The company's music recognition technology has been used by more than 75 carriers around the world for several years. With the launch of applications for iPhone and now the Android platform, Shazam is pioneering the evolution of mobile social music taking users on a musical journey that combines their music tastes and social experiences with music discovery at the core.

"Shazam on the Android platform extends the music recognition experience for our users, enabling them to create their own unique music journey by discovering and connecting with new artists, and quickly purchasing songs using their mobile device at the point of inspiration," said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam. "Shazam aims to help users to create and share unique music moments and long-lasting experiences, and the Android application combined with our link to the Amazon MP3 store and MySpace enables us to deliver on this vision."

"Music is such a huge part of people's lives and has the capacity to bring people together, particularly in a mobile social networking environment," said John Faith, General Manager & Vice President of Mobile for MySpace. "MySpace's rich mobile social networking functionality integrates with Shazam, allowing users to get significantly more out of their music experiences, wherever they are."

Shazam for the Android platform is integrated seamlessly with both MySpace and the Amazon MP3 store. When a Shazam user discovers a new song, they can choose to purchase the digital track immediately from the Amazon MP3 store. They can also 'tag' a song to get more information about the artist, automatically connect to their MySpace page, and 'friend' them to complete the experience. All of this activity takes place on the Android-powered device.

Shazam on the Android platform comes on the heels of its acclaimed application launched for the iPhone, which has been downloaded by more than 1.5 million users.

About Shazam Entertainment

Shazam is the world's leading mobile music discovery application - enabling consumers to experience and share music with others across mobile devices and the internet. Since its launch as the first mobile specific service to help users discover new music six years ago, Shazam has created a new way for users to connect to each other through their music tastes and preferences.

Headquartered in London England, Shazam's solutions enhance the music strategies of more than 75 carriers across 60 markets globally, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

The Shazam iD Chart, generated by the company's mobile music recognition service, is constantly referenced by the music industry as a true indicator of market interest in pre-release material and a monitor of the hit potential of a track or artist.

Shazam's successes have been recognised through numerous awards, including the Mobile Entertainment Award for Best Music Service Provider.

For more information please visit www.shazam.com