October 21, 2008

tvCompass and Macrovision Announce TV Guide Application

CHICAGO, and SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- tvCompass Inc. and Macrovision Solutions Corporation announced the availability of the first Interactive Program Guide (IPG) application designed for wireless devices in the connected home that is branded as a TV Guide application. The new software application is provided to wireless consumers without a download fee and the service does not require a monthly subscription.

The IPG application, developed by tvCompass with data solutions licensed from Macrovision, is being made available to consumers via a wireless update to tvCompass powered WiFi Mobile Internet Devices currently sold and marketed under the Acoustic Research model ARRU449 and the ESPN "Ultimate Remote" brand.

"The IPG application provides an added dimension for owners of the Acoustic Research ARRU449 Smart Remote Control," said David Geise, President, Audiovox Accessories Corporation. "The TV Guide brand is synonymous with television program listings. By incorporating it onto the AR Smart Remote, we are enhancing the user experience of being able to identify their favorite shows on a second screen."

The advanced IPG provides access to "off screen" TV listings for cable, satellite, HDTV broadcast or video on demand channels. Multi-day guide listings are automatically updated wirelessly via tvCompass's hosted content and services network using WiFi access to the Internet. tvCompass's patented technology enables viewers to browse the IPG and directly tune the channel after selecting a program in the IPG to control TVs, set top boxes, DVRs and other devices.

"Consumers today want a simple, easily accessible solution that allows them to discover and enjoy their entertainment content via multiple devices in the digital home," said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of Marketing for Macrovision. "The IPG application enhances the TV viewing experience for consumers and takes us one step closer to the true digital living room where entertainment content whether delivered by cable, satellite or online, comes together."

"When it comes to watching TV, viewers would prefer that their main screen deliver their favorite shows unencumbered by program listings, tickers, advertising and statistics. Through our work with Macrovision, we're now giving multi-tasking viewers the ability to view and receive their TV Guide information right in the palm of their hands, propelling the remote and other wireless devices into the next phase of the digital living room," said Edward Zylka, CEO of tvCompass.

About tvCompass

As a software, content and services company, tvCompass has created an innovative business model built around guidance, navigation and control of digital home entertainment content and equipment via mobile-IP connected second screen devices. The software, services and business model are extensible to tvCompass's WiFi Mobile Internet Device (MID) hardware reference design, proprietary MIDs, mobile smartphones, personal WiFi digital media players, network connected TVs, whole home media appliances, and other wireless consumer devices. Customers for the solution include consumer electronic and home networking companies, cable and satellite providers, telco operators and media brands.

About Macrovision Solutions Corporation

Macrovision is focused on providing a uniquely simple digital home entertainment experience by delivering solutions to businesses to protect, enhance and distribute digital goods to consumers across multiple channels. Macrovision's technologies are deployed by companies in the entertainment, consumer electronics, cable and satellite, and online distribution markets to solve industry-specific challenges and bring greater value and a more robust user experience to their customers. The result of deploying Macrovision's solutions is a simple end user experience for discovering, acquiring, managing and enjoying digital content. Today, Macrovision provides connected middleware, media recognition, interactive programming guides, copy protection and rich media, data and metadata on music, games, movies and television programming. The company also operates entertainment portals including http://www.tvguide.com/ and http://www.allmusic.com/. Macrovision holds over 4,000 issued or pending patents and patent applications worldwide. Macrovision is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with numerous offices across the United States and around the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom. More information about Macrovision can be found at http://www.macrovision.com/.

tvCompass Inc.

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