October 22, 2008

Amulet Makes a Splash With New Color GUI Chip

Amulet Technologies, a leader in graphical user interface (GUI) electronics, today announced the introduction of its first color Graphical OS Chip(TM) for LCDs and touch panels. Amulet developed the color chip - the first in a family of new Amulet chips - to enable OEMs to meet rising customer demand for sophisticated and eye-catching interactive graphical displays in such diverse products as home appliances, consumer electronics, medical equipment and automobiles.

Amulet's new color chip includes all of the hardware and software needed to create and drive color-rich, compelling user interfaces. GUI creation is performed in dynamic HTML with simple drag-and-drop authoring tools, enabling designers to create and test the actual production-ready UI before handing it off to engineering for application integration. Amulet's advanced graphical operating system is royalty-free. Amulet's built-in microprocessor manages all GUI functions, freeing up the host micro to run the application more efficiently. The chip also features a power management controller for low power operation. It is an "all-in-one" GUI solution.

Amulet's integrated LCD controller supports 24-bit color and alpha-blending on active and passive displays up to 12 inches. The processor supports USB 2.0, TWI, UART and SPI interfaces, and can be directly connected to four- and five-wire resistive touch panels. Amulet offers the chip in two packages: 208-PQFP and 225-ball LFBGA. The LFBGA features 39 dedicated general purpose input/output pins (GPIO), and the PQFP can have up to 17 GPIO. Graphic formats supported include PNG, GIF and JPEG, and GIF Animation.

About Amulet Technologies

Founded in 1998, Amulet is a recognized leader in graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Amulet's unique Graphical Operating System in Silicon(TM) enables manufacturers to cost-effectively implement a visually appealing GUI into their products to enhance the end user's experience. Amulet's display solutions - which range from display controller chips to fully integrated modules - simplify the product development cycle by separating GUI development from the application's development. This approach dramatically reduces time to market and overall system costs.

For more information, visit www.amulettechnologies.com, or visit Amulet at ESC Boston, Booth 315, Oct. 28-29, for live demo!