October 22, 2008

IT Search is Powering the World’s Largest Social Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Splunk, the IT Search company, today announced new social network customers including MySpace, Hi5 and Ning. Hundreds of millions of users and blue-chip advertisers depend on social networking services to deliver secure, 24 x 7 access to videos, photos, music, resumes and click-throughs. The task can seem daunting with hundreds or thousands of servers distributed across multiple locations and time zones. It makes constant availability very challenging. That's why leading global social networking sites MySpace, Hi5, and Ning have deployed Splunk IT Search. Splunk is fundamentally changing how social media companies manage, secure and understand increasingly complex, always-on infrastructures. With Splunk, network engineers, system administrators, security and compliance analysts, developers, customer support and help desk staff have an up to the moment understanding of what's happening and are able to efficiently find and resolve problems to keep the infrastructure running smoothly.

"As the country's most trafficked site on the Internet, MySpace users and advertisers expect MySpace to be up and running at all times," said Jim Benedetto, senior vice president of technology, MySpace. "To achieve this, our IT operations team works to understand any potential failures before they go into production. Splunk lets us quickly search all of our IT data in a single place and proactively monitor for recurring problems, ensuring our users get the highest level of service and availability."

The IT infrastructure is a complex web of siloed data and troubleshooting is usually managed across multiple proprietary tools spread across the company. Splunk IT Search transforms silos of information from applications, operating systems, servers, network devices and databases into an integrated, actionable index used to improve mean time to recovery (MTTR) and keep critical services running. In the world of social networks, faster MTTR means less downtime, higher service levels, and ultimately more revenue. Splunk IT Search enables companies such as MySpace, Hi5, and Ning to respond more quickly to downtime and other IT problems before their customers even realize there's an issue.

"Downtime for social networks not only impacts revenue, it affects the important reputation of services competing for mindshare. Users rely on these networks for many of their social and business interactions; they expect nothing less than the highest levels of performance and uptime," said Michael Baum, co-founder and chief corporate and business development officer, Splunk. "Social networking is a highly competitive market, and constant availability is one of the keys to building online communities," said Baum adding, "The success of IT Search in support of "always-on infrastructures" is just as critical in social networking as it is in telecommunications, financial services and government agencies. Splunk is helping companies stretch their IT dollars and improve quality of service at the same time."

Splunk's social networking customers represent a prominent list of leaders in consumer networks (MySpace, Hi5), business-to-business networks, and platform providers (Ning).

    MySpace, a unit of Fox Interactive Media Inc., is the premier lifestyle    portal for connecting with friends, discovering popular culture, and    making a positive impact on the world.  MySpace has nearly 122 million    monthly active users around the globe with localized versions in 29    regions across 15 languages.     Hi5, is one of the world's largest social networks and a top 20 website    globally -- with 80+ million registered members in over 200 nations. Hi5    receives almost 50 million unique visitors per month.     Ning, co-founded by Marc Andreessen, provides an online platform for    creating individual social networks on particular topics or interests of    a user's choosing. Ning has over 500,000 social networks with a growth of    over 2,000 new networks being created per day.     About Splunk  

Splunk is the IT Search company innovating large-scale, high-speed indexing for IT infrastructures. The company's freely downloadable software indexes and makes it possible to search and navigate data from any application, server or network device in real time. Logs, configurations, messages, traps and alerts, scripts and metrics: if a machine can generate it -- Splunk can index it. It's easy to download, install and use, and is very powerful. More than 750 enterprises, government organizations, and service providers and more than 250,000 users are achieving higher availability, investigating security incidents in record time, and meeting compliance requirements at lower costs with Splunk. Over 50 OEM, System Integrator, Value Added Reseller and Managed Service Provider partners have fuelled their offerings with IT Search. Partners such as BT, Cisco, Radware and Trigeo are driving new business with innovative products powered by Splunk. Download your own free copy today at http://www.splunk.com/.


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