October 22, 2008

Bradford Networks Delivers New Products to Identify and Control Network Users, Devices, and Behavior

Bradford Networks, an award-winning provider of comprehensive network access control (NAC) solutions, today announced three new point solutions focused on identity management to help organizations take a fundamental first step in adding NAC to their networks.

The new products - User Visibility and Control (UVC), Device Profile and Control (DPC), and Behavior Monitoring and Control (BMC) - are subsets of Bradford's NAC Director and Campus Manager, and help IT teams control either users, devices, or suspicious behavior with easily added, cost-effective appliances. The new offerings give network administrators the potential to identify every user or device on their networks, a long-standing goal of security practitioners.

The new Bradford solutions are:

-- User Visibility and Control, ideal for shared computing environments like call centers, nursing stations, and K-12 schools, provides the power to know who is on the network and precise control over what network resources users can access.

-- Device Profile and Control, provides organizations with clinical, manufacturing, and facilities management systems with the ability to identify every device on the network. The solution automates management of medical instruments, HVAC units, IP phones, and printers that can outnumber PCs, laptops, and workstations.

-- Behavior Monitoring and Control addresses user and device misbehavior by integrating with intrusion detection and prevention systems, network behavior analysis tools, and traffic shapers to quickly identify network use violations and take action at the edge of the network. Utilities, retail, government, and financial services organizations focused on combating today's sophisticated attacks by professional criminals will benefit immediately from the new offering.

"Integration across critical security processes, like NAC, identity access management (IAM) and intrusion prevention, is key to effective and efficient security." said John Pescatore, Vice President Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Inc. "Taking advantage of the increased visibility NAC brings into what types of devices are on the network and what users are doing can lead to higher levels of security at lower costs."

Pricing for all three point solutions starts at $7,995. User Visibility and Control and Behavior Monitoring and Control are available immediately, with Device Profile and Control available in Q1 2009. All point solutions can be easily upgraded to Bradford's full NAC capabilities via license upgrades.

"Each network has unique workflow, productivity, and security requirements, and Bradford's new point solutions provide a pragmatic, easy-to-deploy approach that quickly increases security and delivers a rapid return on investment," said Mike Gadoury, Bradford Networks founder and CEO. "Today's budget pressures require that security solutions quickly solve pressing problems and afford a great deal of flexibility down the road."

About Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks develops advanced network access control solutions for wireless, wired and VPN networks. Bradford's patent-pending, award-winning, out-of-band appliances leverage existing network infrastructure to automatically enforce policy at the network edge, making networks more secure and efficient. Privately held, Bradford Networks is headquartered in Concord, N.H. For more information, call (603) 228-5300 or visit www.bradfordnetworks.com.