October 23, 2008

Software AG Reinforces Mainframe Commitment With Immediate Support for IBM’s System Z10 BC Platform

Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, today announced its support for the newly-launched System z10 Business Class (z10 BC) mainframe from IBM. This midrange server for mainframe applications utilizes a smaller hardware footprint to reduce CPU usage, energy consumption and operating costs. In production testing, Software AG's Adabas database management system and Natural programming language both delivered optimal performance using this platform. Software AG's support for the System z10 BC platform, as well as the company's earlier support for the IBM System z10(TM) Enterprise Class (z10 EC), is meant to help customers capitalize on the unsurpassed speed, performance and reliability of mainframe systems at a lower operating cost.

"The demands being placed on core transactional systems, such as trading platforms, continue to grow to unprecedented levels. What hasn't grown are the budgets required to support these mission-critical systems," said Joe Gentry, Software AG's Chief Technology Officer for the Enterprise Transaction Systems division. "By moving assertively to support new and emerging platforms, Software AG is helping customers take advantage of faster and more efficient systems to meet these requirements."

As one of the world's most widely deployed mainframe databases, Adabas serves as the foundation for enterprise transactional systems for one in five of the Global 500. Natural, Software AG's widely adopted business application development and deployment environment, is recognized for the speed and efficiency it offers for creating highly-scalable enterprise systems running on either mainframe or open systems platforms.

Additional information on Adabas compatibility with IBM platforms, including the results of production testing using the new System z10 BC, is available at softwareag.com.

Optimizing Mainframe Performance

Adabas was one of the first databases to exploit IBM's 64-bit Virtual Storage architecture for mainframes and Software AG continues to drive innovation across the IBM platform. In support of these latest releases, Software AG has enhanced core functionality within Adabas to capitalize on the newly offered Large Page functionality, which was originally introduced with the z10 and is now available on the IBM System z10 BC (with z/OS 1.9 or greater) as well.

Specifically, the Adabas Parallel Sysplex and Adabas Cluster Services have been updated to take advantage of large memory configurations and can now exploit up to 4 terabytes of real memory. The result is significantly increased performance as a result of reduced I/Os and better CPU utilization. This means customers benefit from higher transaction rates without the need to increase system capacity. These steps are just one example of the ways in which Software AG helps customers optimize mainframe performance, reliability and efficiency. More details about performance and monitoring products for Adabas and Natural are available at softwareag.com.

New Levels of Openness

In addition to improving mainframe performance, Software AG has also recently introduced new capabilities to enhance cross-platform interaction. These include:

-- Event Replicator for Adabas: Provides real-time updates on changed data - either to a hot-standby Adabas system for disaster recovery or to other enterprise systems that depend on Adabas information;

-- Adabas SOA Gateway and Adabas SQL Gateway: Enable cross-platform, bi-directional communication and services-based interaction between Adabas and other enterprise platforms such as Oracle and .NET;

-- Natural for Eclipse: Allows developers to use a single, unified development platform for working in Natural, Java, and other languages.

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