October 23, 2008

Cerona Networks Launches SkySwitch(TM) DVB-S2 Migration Tool

Cerona Networks announces the release of its SkySwitch network migration tool. SkySwitch is the latest management control feature available as part of Cerona's comprehensive Maestro(TM) Network Management System. All of Cerona's DVB-S2 products come standard with the client software for remote management over the satellite network.

"Converting our network to DVB-S2 is not a trivial task," says Ron Burns, Chief Engineer at Microspace. "Bringing up an S2 carrier takes time and planning. Touching all sites at the same time was out of the question for us. The SkySwitch capability allows us to deploy new products in our normal course of business and convert our network to S2 without revisiting each site. SkySwitch provides a graceful migration that happens on our timeframe and within our budget."

SkySwitch works by sending predetermined configuration files to each remote terminal over the satellite network. The new settings are delivered numerous times via network-wide broadcasts to assure delivery. Once received, the new configuration is stored in the receiver until the network manager issues the "go" command. At that point, all upgraded receivers are immediately converted to DVB-S2 and acquire their new carrier in a matter of a few seconds. In most cases, any service interruptions are so brief that they go completely undetected. Full back up and previous default configurations are preserved to ensure network integrity and continuity of service.

"Our aim is to give our customers full control of their DVB-S2 network migration while using their existing space segment," said Paul Tinney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cerona. "SkySwitch allows the network manager to migrate their existing DVB-S networks to DVB-S2 within the same transponder, eliminating the need to put up a separate S2 carrier platform. In our network testing the change from S to S2 was successfully executed with virtually no service interruption or network downtime. It's a powerful, money saving tool."

About Cerona Networks Corporation

Cerona Networks is a leading innovator and manufacturer of satellite equipment. Cerona delivers products and systems to a broad range of customers that bring greater efficiency, reliability and economy to multi-media distribution, VSAT communications and mission critical IP applications over satellite. SkySwitch is available as part of the Maestro NMS and is compatible with all of Cerona's DVB-S products; SkySpan VSAT, SkyDSR, SkyDSR-DT and the new XPressVu(TM) Dual Tuner PCIe card. The SkyDSR(TM) product line is the industry benchmark for the implementation of the DVB-S2 standard. The SkySpan(TM) COTM two-way broadband VSAT system is a breakthrough in spread spectrum two-way satellite communications systems. For more information visit www.cerona.com.

About Microspace

Microspace Communications Corporation (Microspace), a subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company, is the leader in satellite services for digital cinema, business communications and digital signage. The company operates the largest global business satellite broadcasting network with nearly 340,000 remote links worldwide. With a 20-year heritage, Microspace's VELOCITY(R) satellite services power networks for Morgan Stanley, Abercrombie and Fitch, John Deere and many, many more. The VELOCITY service is available as either a dedicated solution or as an on-demand service, enabling customers to easily and affordably expand bandwidth as their needs change. Microspace is headquartered in the U.S. and has a presence in Europe and Latin America. For more information, visit www.microspace.com.