October 23, 2008

The Real Return-on-Investment From Automatic Defrag

Return-on-investment (ROI) means a lot to companies, especially in economically turbulent times such as these. When an organization invests in a piece of equipment, a new advertising campaign, a property or even an employee, they are very carefully monitoring the money made back to cover the outlay and provide profit as well. Anything that doesn't fit these criteria is quickly cut loose.

Because a corporation invests so heavily in IT, a sharper-than-normal eye is kept on ROI from that quarter. Expenditures for hardware (which can be especially costly), software, programming and maintenance contracts must show substantial returns to receive approval from those ever-watchful bean counters.

One basic factor that can cut straight across the ROI for all of the above is file fragmentation. It greatly slows system performance, which impacts the return for software, hardware, virtually every employee and the company itself when it cannot deliver products and services in a timely manner. It impacts IT because they must chase and "put out fires" rooted in fragmentation. And it also impacts hardware life; a disk drive that must work many times harder to retrieve file fragments, can wear out as much as 50 percent faster.

While many may know that defragmentation boosts performance for all employees and increases computer life, they may not know that it takes the right defrag technology to actually do so. For example, a scheduled defragmenter does not actually address the situation. In between scheduled runs, fragmentation continues to build and impact performance. ROI is deeply eroded as IT must spend valuable hours scheduling the defragmenter to run. And in the case of very large drives (which have become very common today), defrag may not be occurring at all.

For real ROI from defrag, a company must turn to Diskeeper(R) software with InvisiTasking(R) technology. Because it is fully automatic, system performance is always maximized. Only otherwise-idle resources are used, so there is never a negative performance hit from defragmentation. Since scheduling is never required, IT hours can be spent elsewhere where they will obtain the highest return. Hardware can achieve its expected lifespan and beyond.

Diskeeper is also specially designed to efficiently defragment all sizes of disks -- from the smallest to the multi-terabyte.

Diskeeper with InvisiTasking brings the highest return-on-investment to all aspects of computing, and hence, to companies everywhere. Visit www.diskeeper.com, download Diskeeper's free trialware and see the difference for yourself.

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SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation